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saranya raani Well, this path file:///sdcard/ is used by one to view all the data and files present in his Android phone normally. An SD card or secure digital card is simply a card that can be removed easily. The SD card generally has a very simple concept of reading and writing the data. This data can be in small or large quantities on your device. 
First, the SD cards were available with limited storage but due to evolution in the industry of electronics, the limitation has been increased . That means now SD cards are available with a maximum storage space of 2 TB which is really great! So let's explore more.
If you are using an SD card on your PC or Laptop, you can easily connect the same to your device using a card reader. But when you wish to use an SD card on Android Smartphones or other devices, you must insert the card into the right slot. A pre-installed file manager will help you see the total content saved on your device, including those that are stored in its internal storage and the ones that are stored into the card. 
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閲讀正文 How to Use File:///sdcard/ to Move or Copy Files on SD Card? SD card path on Android devices looks something like File:///sdcard. Many of us store a lot of things on SD Cards but don’t know how to scroll through them using Android devices
saranya raani
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閲讀正文 GenYoutube- Download Photos, Mp3, Youtube, and Insta Videos GenYouTube is your best destination and site for downloading photos and videos from the web. You can get various songs and mp3 files downloaded from SoundCloud and other quality sites like YouTube without any hassle directly in your desired format. 
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閲讀正文 4Movierulz: Watch Full Movies Free For Download 2022 4MovieRulz is a website that can be used to download any new movie for free. Know all the pros and cons, how to install 4movierulz on android smart tv, and PC. Find out 4movierulz alternative sites and proxy list.
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閲讀正文 RARBG Proxy Torrent Sites Download Free Movies Torrent site like RARBG and RARBG Proxy is one of the greatly known torrent websites to download media that includes software
saranya raani 4Movierulz is an online movie and entertainment streaming site, which telecasts a lot of films and movies without having written authorization permission to do so. 
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閲讀正文 4Movierulz | Download HD Movies for Free 2022 4Movierulz offers a lot of movie links and other copyrighted materials to the general public for free of cost. It showcases a lot of movies in various formats. You can also watch any movie on the site in your own native language.