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iYuzuru adopt me please Read Note
Dave Baculi 2 characters I dont have now but still working to get this two.
Read Note
vinh tuong I'm in love with the jojo Read Note
Demo Sakaki 邀請碼缺人 Read Note
Chiok Chong Li damn he is strong this time. take a few tries. Read Note
Marta Tosoratti Add me please, I'm from Italy [厲害]
1444 6763 0847 Read Note
Tho Ogie How much the size of this game? Read Note
Akash Das wtf Read Note
Muhammad Raehan What should I do Read Note
Ahmed One piece Final size Read Note
Ahmed One piece Final size
Read Note
P1ckles I will trade this gb for a jp thats good and with lr kale and caulifla. Read Note
Darius Whisler rerolled for good accounts whats the best one to keep?? Read Note
cara paza This is better than GBF, right?or not? Read Note
Muzaki Salha bgi 600 uc dong. Read Note
ImaLegendaryKID Trading beast global with 22 lrs for a beast legends Read Note
Cao Hoang
Võ Nhân Trade Read Note
BLAK _ DEATH hope it comes out translated on english Read Note
BLAK _ DEATH hope the game gets translated to english and spanish, im ok with having japamese voice actors Read Note
Huỳnh Điệp game ldentity nay rat hay
Read Note
benjy hannon How do you save this game to a device? Does your phone need to write in Japanese or can you make your own code or something? Read Note
ImaLegendaryKID Trading 22 lr Account for a beast legends Read Note
ImaLegendaryKID Trading 22 lrs Account for a beast legends Read Note
Sharky RAF Why i cant use the recent cards... Read Note
Abdul Hadi Today, I've been waiting like half an hour and still not responding. Mihoyo plz fix this. Read Note
AdhiTya Raxus wow [開心] Read Note
Striferx-01 how to record the game in the option replay ? Read Note
reccarter will trade this for a stacked jp with gogeta blue Read Note
ウィード ベア finally i can play daydream cafe Read Note
veigar can't play every time i open party or go in a quest the game says : HTTP error.Server 500 and forces me to go back to homescreen
Read Note
LordBuyan anyone know what it means??? Read Note
Idk Whatever Please help I don't know how to get the P thingies so if anyone can tell me how that will be much appreciated! :) Read Note
cross✗ that might sound stupid but how does trading on this platform work? I've been seeing a lot of people saying "trade me" and stuff, I'm new to this and I'd appreciate it if someone explained to me how exactly it works Read Note
Pagar Iot
Remeul Domer i hope this game dont have human verification Read Note
Fiqih Teja apa ini udah versi terbaru? tapi lihat di yt udah ada v1.2.10 Read Note


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