Simeon Grozdev
Simeon Grozdev cool Read Note
HatsuneFelipe Fio (Liberty) 😊 Read Note
Ian Puja Winata
Ian Puja Winata how many server for this game? Read Note
Hermanto Hermanto
Hermanto Hermanto FGO collaboration Event lord el-el-melloi Read Note
Rocca Rafael
Rocca Rafael luck Read Note
Omar Raad
Omar Raad ملف ببجي Read Note
Ookami Sakura
Ookami Sakura Guys, so I reinstalled the game by deleting it due to the force quit incident, and I lost my data, how do I contact the devs for help?😰 Read Note
DendzBcb Corvi
DendzBcb Corvi Sangat menarik mau coba dulu... Read Note
Paul Berton
Paul Berton Didn't bought a single gem. Got enough DS to do 1 multi. Got those, my lluck s above all else today Read Note
Death Star-veder
Death Star-veder ลาก่อนโอดี้ ฮือๆสุ่มไม่ได้ซักที่ Read Note
Shogun Tanuki
Shogun Tanuki really bad news, they confirmed just a couple of hours ago that the game will be shut down this June 28, this really suck, this was the first time I played a otome game and although I wasnt a big fan of the genre the characters and their personalities grew on me, I feel kinda betrayed, is not the first time I got invested in a mobile game and then it has a sudden end (already suffered that with "Houkago girls tribe")

But oh well, the game still has 2 two months until the closure, kinda shitty their answer for shutting down the game is supposely because of "we have closed our service due to difficulties in providing services that satisfy our customers" and because of "earnings", if you buyed gems they are gonna do refunds later(or at least thats what they say)

I'm just glad that I have been able to provide a little help to the community that was formed around this game so they could enjoy it more Read Note
Thái Bình
Thái Bình yay, dick girl game is now opened Read Note
Yukino Yukinoshita
Yukino Yukinoshita i wish for some craft essence but got more lucky anyway Read Note
Onichan DXD
Onichan DXD #Monstrous (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Read Note
Olestagra 1001
Olestagra 1001 #Monstrous Rachnera San for sure is the best Read Note
William Handoko
William Handoko anyone. can anyone know about this one quest because im stack here Read Note
LastMyths Diamond
LastMyths Diamond still wait the english vers '-' Read Note
PLAYER ANDROID apk invalida no puedo instalar Read Note
lanlantod 17 Read Note
YanneriiN niceeee[鬼臉] Read Note
Poh Hao Yang
Poh Hao Yang Is it just me? Why i can't even start the game? Read Note
سامي قره
سامي قره لعبه فرجه🙂 Read Note
Gonzora So... Five 10rolls and I got a Dupe of Julietta, my third Cerberus and the worst 5* of the game instead of an FE limited character. Well, wrong EX Luck I guess. Read Note
NeitoHidayatullah got three of 'em on third roll [開心][開心][開心] Read Note
becomenani they're shutting down the game service on 28th of June. Read Note
Elul 👌 Read Note
Natasya Rida
Natasya Rida Yoshh!!! Read Note
Carl Enyx
Carl Enyx Used up all Free Tiket+Gem ,still no Veronica [大哭][大哭] Read Note
Il Mago di Oz
Il Mago di Oz How summon? Read Note
Abu Dzar
Abu Dzar This game is good Read Note
Sanju Kora Sanju
Sanju Kora Sanju Nice game
[開心][開心][開心][開心] Read Note


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