Sylphia Evans's Notebook
Sylphia Evans's Notebook(7)
Sylphia Evans Is it just me or the game is still on "maintennance" until this time?
(Time check: 2:55JP) Read Note
Sylphia Evans is it just me or the game stopped giving those "special quest" ? (the one which you receive different items like rose fragments, hearts and the like?) Read Note
Sylphia Evans Anyone knows what to do on transferring accounts? Read Note
Sylphia Evans Anyone has suggestions on how to defeat ifrit? Even the water elemented cards and my strongest ones are not able to defeat him.

Huhu. Help please ;w; (I'm level 32 BTW) Read Note
Sylphia Evans 6:46 JPN time and the game is still not done on maintenance. Anyone knows when will it be okay to play? [大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭] Read Note
Sylphia Evans Sharing something regarding scout gachas:

When it's a crescent moon -> all 1* gacha

When it's a gibbus moon (almost full moon) -> at least one 3* gacha

So far it's applicable in the coin(or points) gacha. If anyone's willing to risk their stones to test what I've observed please make a comment about it too Read Note


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