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Megu93 Forum: Phone compatibility hey this is something tht just been posted in the official Genshin Impact forum by a user named Hazzy. It's abt phone compatibilty (well as the title said,,)
To check:
Read Note "How well can my phone run the game?" - Genshin Impact - Official Community This is a question that is asked very often, and I wanted to share here on this forum the information that's already available on the official Genshin Impact Reddit.As a genera...
Megu93 Device compatibility (clickk) Idk if this will help anyone. i'll just leave it here. got it from the official forum. it's for mobile phones>>
You can just go to here for more detail i guess?:
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Megu93 Good bye and thank you for all the memories。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。♡ i will never forget how much fun when i play this game! And i will even remember the devs and every good rewards they gave to us!! We're all gonna miss everything abt this game so mucchhhhhh starting from the Muteki*Dangerous until Kaikan*Everyday!!!! Read Note
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