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Segumi 2.6 Update Summary Genshin Impact 2.6 is here... Read Note
Segumi Genshin Impact v2.7 Summary [ Hidden Dreams in the Depths ] Read Note
Segumi I slept for 8 hours, woke up and now Its 12:00 AM. Read Note
Segumi Sigh Im one of those people who's too shy to say "Happy Mother's Day" to their Mom...[可憐] Read Note
Segumi HONKAI IMPACT I'll be starting to play "Honkai Impact 3rd" Read Note
Segumi ? I have some questions to ask...
I've been thinking about this a lot these days, like "Do I even need a good reputation towards with my classmates despite that I know well cut off communication after graduating? Well, some"...
So I need some opinions, its been bothering me...
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Quality or Quantity?....

Expiry Date: 2022-12-31 23:59 Select One

Segumi Ah!... Yes another Full Collection. Read Note
Segumi Trcing and Coloring?.... Just tracing their faces, and coloring them... but why my friends look impressed even though its simple. (First one took an hour and the last one took 3 1/2 hours[汗顏] ) Read Note
Segumi Loid Forger ( Twilight ) Would you quit being a F2P for him?... Read Note
Segumi I want these... How Much? Read Note
Segumi What a Unfortunate Day just a little bit more but... sigh
Im so unlucky didnt got qny 3* in 190pulls[大哭]
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Segumi Ah yes Wallpaper... This wallpaper always telling you that, Someones always watching you...
btw this is my screen size so~ drop yours if you want one.
Who's Next?... Who do you wanna see next?
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Segumi Abyss Lectors but... source: @yolanda on Twitter Read Note
Segumi Spy Family X Genshin Impact Source: @YamiesCupid on twitter Read Note
Segumi You Vs. You need to get armed quick, Somethings coming and I think its your mom...
Your Mom's Arsenal:
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Segumi Geo has a reaction? How many of you guys know that Geo has "reaction" if you would call it one... Well you would need Zhongli's E to do this.
Only Geo Structures resonates with Zhongli's E
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Well, did you know?

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Segumi having a sister looks fun "sigh" I wish I have a sister...[難過]
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Segumi Who's your fav artist/illustr- I love the art of this Illustator/Artist, I dont know how to describe it but its just cute[微笑], and Im speechless... Just want to share her art.
Btw who's your favorite Artist/Illustrator, comment down below and share it with me...
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Segumi Complete Guide For Chasm Just gonna put it here because I'll eventually gonna need this...
#Guide #Segumi #Genshin #GenshinImpact
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Segumi :) Got all the GACHA #HappyAprilFools #MySummon  Read Note
Segumi sigh #MyCrazySchoolLife
"sigh" That time where I've gone to school but uts actually saturday... Now the crazy part, I thought something like "why is there no students?" [為什麼]then gone to ask a school guard "is there a school for today?" [懵懂]then the guard said "what do you mean its saturday" [汗顏]then after that I was shocked[無語] and walked out embarrassed[鬼臉]
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Segumi KUKI SHINOBU and YELAN New Future Character?
Sadge to those who'se waiting for Scaramouche...
Read Note
Segumi Russian Roulette Do it for your own risk... Dont Cheat. #Meme Read Note
Segumi What do I get? I need a weapon for keqing and I want Venti you decide cause I cant decide...
The sword:
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Expiry Date: 2022-04-01 21:31 Select Multiple Total Votes: 94

  • Venti

  • Harran Geppaku Jutsu

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Segumi 150th Note Can I get this as my pet?... Read Note
Segumi "The Chasm" Summary v2.6 New Area "Chasm" Update... Read Note
Segumi Where's Sayu? Finding Sayu be like: Read Note
Segumi Playing in Another Dimension What's this I feel like 2D playing this game...
*Dont worry Im secretly using my phone 
Read Note
Segumi No Phone for 7 days "Grounded" Im grounded for a week, and a advance apologize to you all that I cant upload this week...
And btw 60(Primogems) × 7(days) = 420...
I cant do the commissions[大哭]
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Segumi Who you pulling?... #GenshinImpact #Genshin #KamisatoAyato #Ayato #KamisatoAyaka #Ayaka #Venti #Segumi Read Note

2.6 Banners

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  • Kamisato Ayato

  • Venti

  • Kamisato Ayaka

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Segumi Primogems Status #Genshin #GenshinImpact #Segumi  Read Note

Primogems Status?

Expiry Date: 2022-04-18 22:30 Select One Total Votes: 201

  • UNLIMITED "Whale" 🐋

  • A LOT 😋


  • Good For 1 Pity 😐

  • None 😨

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Segumi We Hope Kazuha will be next Sauce:
Read Note
Segumi Nice Spear Great Spear I got from the standard banner though almost hard pity "82" Read Note
Segumi I got Raiden Shogun "aka" Ei She needed 81 pity to come home, even if I have great fortune on my slip... [發困] Read Note
Segumi Raiden & Kokomi Banner🎋 6 hours left who will you pull?
#Raiden #RaidenShogun #Kokomi #KokomiSangonomiya #Fish #Segumi
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Are you gonna pull for....

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  • Raiden Shogun⚡

  • Kokomi Sangonomiya🐟

  • Skip✖️

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Segumi [ Attention ] Finally, The fans request have arrived...
Officially Announced Season 2 and Season 3 for Classroom of Elites will be aired on 2022 for Season 2 and 2023 for Season 3... And waiting for more Information about the exact release date...
This'll be Interesting despite of how many mysteries that haven't been uncovered... 
#ClassroomOfElites #Season2 #Season3 #Segumi #Guide
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Segumi Happy Birthday Its Your Special Day QiQi, but its a little bit sad that you wont remember this tomorrow... QUICK Just make Diary already "BAKA"
Source: Genshin Impact
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Segumi I Challenge You! I call This Domain:
Getting All The Coins is Never an Option
"Kind a long but it works..."
Its Possible and You can Speedrun It, BUT getting all the Coins is near Impossible... 
Traps are Hard and Timing/Skill/Luck is Needed... (Yes Its Gacha)
Tactics and Plans must be good otherwise the time will catch up...
42 coins on Domain, Its up to you if you want to get them all or just do it normally...
Please use the Tag #ChallengeAccepted and Just Mention me if you want...
Read Note
Segumi ?.... What character you want but never had a chance to get it because your too late or never had Primogems. Read Note
Segumi Ru- "nope" Mikeneko apologized There is no "Rushia" anymore just follow the real thing on Twitter.
Source: @95rn16
#Rushia #UruhaRushia #Hololive #Vtuber #Segumi
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