Mardanee's Notebook
Mardanee's Notebook(18)
Mardanee King Ghidorah got the drip 😎 Read Note
Mardanee My Fossils collection so far... Read Note
Mardanee Gimme more 😱😱😱 Read Note
Mardanee Whaaaa!?!?!? Woohoohoo yeahh Read Note
Mardanee You see that? This is my 40th Gacha pull and still have no SSR Read Note
Mardanee Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣
Mardanee Very free-to-play, Just watching ads to get Maximum Overdrive, and you can got double Idle rewards from watching ads too. but if you have some money, just go buy Darwinium Stone, its really helpful for supporting the developer. Read Note
Mardanee SS Sophia Vigil [色色][色色][色色] Read Note
Mardanee Not Bad Read Note
Mardanee Got SS Romantini and some S Rank Heroes [色色][開心][哇噻] Read Note
Mardanee E R E H #Anime_Fashion  Read Note
Mardanee Wkwk, Baru nyadar aku instal game banyak banget 😂😂😂 Belum sempet namatin WitchSpring sama Distraint pula, beli doang mainin kagak [開心][開心] Read Note
Mardanee My Favorite idle game Read Note
Mardanee Dislyte by LilithGames Please add this: Read Note Dislyte - Apps on Google Play Battle to the top with awesome heroes and epic music vibes!
Mardanee What are you guys looking at? [色色][鬼臉][哇噻]😂😂😂 Read Note
Mardanee Summoner War: Lost Centuria Read Note Summoners War: Lost Centuria - Apps on Google Play YOU AGAINST THE WORLD. Fight a real battle in Lost Centuria!
Mardanee Aaaaaaaaaaaaa !1!1!1! got stuck in Campaign [大哭][大哭][大哭] Read Note
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