Lori Kan's Notebook
Lori Kan's Notebook(162)
Lori Kan why Game ? I on the Wi-Fi and game got glitch out
Lori Kan Sea thug crossover one piece character bucky witnesses the captain
Lori Kan fail loading  Read Note
Lori Kan can't play
Lori Kan 3.59GB download . Read Note
Lori Kan yes
Lori Kan cookie run Kingdom have new update chasing dreams of mermaid sea  Read Note
Lori Kan my Team
Lori Kan Magic Sky • Void / 魔天 • 空亡
Lori Kan I can wait  Read Note
Lori Kan  download 4.6G  Read Note
Lori Kan the timer is so fast from final masters Read Note
Lori Kan I'm playing this game on PC version
Lori Kan
Lori Kan omg whyyy ?
Lori Kan whyyyyyyy ? Read Note
Lori Kan my Team
Lori Kan this girl is Palatine and Magic
Lori Kan what is Death collection  I thought killed this guy it's the win
but no literally helping solve him problems life
Read Note
Lori Kan please bring back this game
Lori Kan this game is 18+  Read Note
Lori Kan fix this bugs
Lori Kan I can't hear the sound in this game Read Note
Lori Kan I never watch this anime before Read Note
Lori Kan I got her I was using 300 gem on a second roll Read Note
Lori Kan I got her
Lori Kan I watch black Clover I never see this on black Clover anime series 
where is that come from
Read Note
Lori Kan IDENTITY V gameplay but it's a different character Read Note
Lori Kan I got C.C. wearing zero coat  I have 3  Read Note
Lori Kan yes 👍🏻
Lori Kan Roblox is not really a lego game. Here's why. it's not a story the playerbase would tell you 
roblox, despite what hundreds of thousands of people think is not so much a lego game. We could only call it that if we look at roblox in the late 2000's-early 2010's to actually call it a lego game. Nowadays, as much as i hate to say it, we as a platform is moving more and more away from being an actual lego game. the closest thing we had to anything lego is the 3.0 male package, which is not really used that often like how the minifigure model is always used for legos.
Read Note
Lori Kan here it is
Lori Kan F### This Gasha in the game 🤬 it's only SR and R Read Note
Lori Kan XEVIOUS is Nintendo Sega classic game
Lori Kan I use one gacha ticket, I got her
Lori Kan yes
Lori Kan
Lori Kan this character kind remind someone it's Sora from Kingdom hearts but it's different Read Note
Lori Kan I got her
Lori Kan My OC Dog character


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