Hakuro's Notebook
Hakuro's Notebook(44)
Hakuro another pot desgin XD a chinease chilling place😂
Hakuro Idk i just buit it what do you call it?
Hakuro Another one now she's SS rank
Hakuro Day3
Hakuro Thanks you so much These two is day 1 pulls 15pity lose 50/50 and 32 pity 
and then this one is today's pull 19 pity lose 50/50 but its a five star anyway thanks you ....THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!
Read Note
Hakuro Hmm after a year😐 still sucks at this
Hakuro mvm this
Hakuro Return to genshin XD Bruh  Read Note
Hakuro Back to saoif finally got back to saoif after 1 year of not playing it  Read Note
Hakuro FIRST PULL (luckey?)
Hakuro F2p life(Crit rate food buff)
Hakuro .....
Hakuro My ganyu build ( Full f2p) good enough? 4* wepion[大哭][大哭][大哭] Read Note
Hakuro some art that you would like.
Hakuro I need friends.
Hakuro Help!!! What's wrong I've been stucking at that place for so long Can someone explain me why? Read Note
Hakuro Masatsu Zetsugi(AKA Yeet) itto telent lv all 3,3,3  Read Note
Hakuro Genshin Impact (Enkanomiya) Free primogems here I come XD Read Note
Hakuro Retrun After 3Month Stop playing Punishing Gray Raven For 3Month and when i return They give me this  Read Note
Hakuro °_°
Hakuro So. ..my hutao be like : [不滿] Read Note
Hakuro Help some one plz join Let's play PUBG: NEW STATE together! 
Google Play Store, App Store: https://pubgnewstate.onelink.me/mBtH?af_force_deeplink=true&pid=inner&c=SAMPLE&is_retargeting=true&af_dp=pubgnewstate%3A%2F%2F&deep_link_value=aedb1891-90f2-4588-9063-ec237fbcbe9e&deep_link_sub1=DLT_InviteFriend
Galaxy Store: https://pubgnewstate.onelink.me/EZ3l?af_force_deeplink=true&pid=inner&c=SAMPLE&is_retargeting=true&af_dp=pubgnewstate%3A%2F%2F&deep_link_value=aedb1891-90f2-4588-9063-ec237fbcbe9e&deep_link_sub1=DLT_InviteFriend
Read Note pubgnewstate.onelink.me PUBG: NEW STATE PUBG: NEW STATE offers the original battle royale experience of PUBG on mobile, PUBG: NEW STATE bietet die „Battle Royale“-Erfahrung von PUBG auf Mobilgeräte, PUBG: NEW STATE ofrece la experiencia de battle royale de PUBG en tu móvil, PUBG: NEW STATE es la experiencia de Battle Royale original de PUBG en celular, PUBG: NEW STATE offre sur mobile l'expérience Battle Royale originale de PUBG, PUBG: NEW STATE memberikan pengalaman battle royale PUBG yang original di mobile, 배틀그라운드: NEW STATE는 펍지(PUBG) 스튜디오가 오리지널 배틀그라운드(PUBG)의 경험을 계승하여 개발한 최신 배틀로얄 게임입니다., PUBG: NEW STATE menawarkan pengalaman prtmprn diraja PUBG asli pd telefon bimbit, PUBG: NEW STATE traz o Battle Royale original de PUBG para dispositivos móvei, PUBG: NEW STATE оригинальная королевская битва теперь на мобильных устройствах, PUBG: NEW STATE เกม BATTLE ROYALE บนมือถือที่แท้จริง จากผู้สร้าง PUBG (พับจี), PUBG: NEW STATE, PUBG'nin orijinal battle royale deneyimini mobilde sunuyor, PUBG: NEW STATE mang đến trải nghiệm Battle Royale nguyên bản trên di động, PUBG: NEW STATE 让你在手机上享受原汁原味的PUBG战术竞技体验, PUBG Studio以《絕地求生》(PUBG)為基礎打造的全新大逃殺力作——《絕地求生:未來之役, تُقدِّم PUBG: NEW STATE تجربة باتل رويال الأصلية من PUBG (ببجي) على الهاتف
Hakuro Pull?
Hakuro Is this game need google ? i want to play but my phone desn't have Google (Huwei) Read Note
Hakuro x4SR + x1SSR pity 50
Hakuro Lord Simp
Hakuro Haha wrong character bro I just pulled lucia's S class 100% guranteed banner and i got lee's S class XD  Read Note
Hakuro Free S class character XD
Hakuro Do I really strong? I feels like too weak cuz i don't have Sword Mod skill and power rise skills [難過][難過][難過] Read Note
Hakuro >_< Maid is better right?
Hakuro Here we go
Hakuro Me during summer fastival I sell takoyaki Read Note
Hakuro You like these don't you [-_-]
Hakuro Its ok i'm just chllin
Hakuro beginner drawing (2)
Hakuro my beginner art af
Hakuro jumping around in the guild
Hakuro Beginner
Hakuro -_- that's sus i have nothing to say but watch yourself Read Note


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