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Mayun I want Ono Daisuke's voice character :) #崩壞星鐵豪禮車票 Read Note
Mayun Rise and shine あくねこ nation Wake up daring~ New event just drop today~
Event gacha, collecting butterflies, Black Tea party story, and new room decoration.
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Mayun It smell dangerous here Oh god no im scared
Rip Trey
#TwistedWonderland #Rip
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Mayun Here, my favourite
Mayun #HappyNewYear2022  Read Note
Mayun Papchen you what- Phffff- lolololol Read Note
Mayun Seroius GenshinImpact question Help pls I beg
#genshinimpact #genshin #gacha #pull #ganyu #2.4 #xiao #helpmepls
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20 pull away from garantee. I have only 40 rolls. Who should I roll for? I'm torn between Xioa and ganyu bc i already have Xiao c0 but also want strong bow character. What should I do aaaaAaaAAAAAAAA

Expiry Date: 2022-01-01 23:59 Select One Total Votes: 11

  • Xiao c1

  • Ganyu c0

  • Keep it for Kazuha

  • Zhongli

  • Keep for other

Vote Ended
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