Ciscovibes's Notebook
Ciscovibes's Notebook(15)
Ciscovibes Heroic pose
Ciscovibes Noir
Ciscovibes #ZongziDivination Naan and Fried chicken  Read Note
Ciscovibes great #IdleAngelsSupport [色色][色色][色色] Read Note
Ciscovibes Frig #IdleAngelsReward  Read Note
Ciscovibes Almost Friday😎 Working on my book I have been writing for a year now of how Anime/Manga means to people and why they like it and the history of it still have not come up with a title yet[開心]  Read Note
Ciscovibes TGIF get some rest people we all had a rough week😔😔😔
Ciscovibes Who is your favorite Waifu? mines is Albedo
Ciscovibes excited 4/6
Ciscovibes another week of work sooo ughh
Ciscovibes <CODE: SEED - A Song of Spark> Read Note
Ciscovibes Hope everyone has a good day
Ciscovibes long day need sleep
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