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Simp-Kun #NIKKEminigame  Read Note
Simp-Kun This is why I love droids
Simp-Kun What about Asuka??? #AprilBaka  Read Note
Simp-Kun Fall damage #EpicBossFight  Read Note
Simp-Kun You guys see the resemblance?
Simp-Kun HALLOWEEN 🎃🎃🎃🎃
Simp-Kun #TechInAnime No explanation Read Note
Simp-Kun salt #smashbross  Read Note
Simp-Kun mems
Simp-Kun pls respond

Who here has watched or heard of higurashi. Because my friend thinks no one knows what it is

Expiry Date: 2021-07-17 18:23 Select One Total Votes: 58

  • Watched

  • Heard of it

  • Never

Vote Ended
Simp-Kun funne mem p.s join my discord
Read Note
Simp-Kun relatable
Simp-Kun I am back
Simp-Kun ahh
Simp-Kun I think i just shit my pants Read Note
Simp-Kun TWO MORE!!!! Two more singularities until I 
can get my girl BB!
Read Note
Simp-Kun Pog in the fuking chat on baby G im not hacking! Read Note
Simp-Kun This is some wet dream stuff its funny that it only took me a total of 4 10 times summons to get to this point, my luck is just too good.
Read Note
Simp-Kun I can now start forgiving FGO! GOT HER FIRST TRY! but im still mad about the 120 saint quartz... Read Note
Simp-Kun Finally
Simp-Kun No sleep today SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!!!!! Read Note
Simp-Kun Salt I used 120 saint quartz and 21 spawn tickets in FGO and I only got 1 four star and a whole bunch of 3 stars and craft essences. They need to fix their rates. like right now. Read Note
Simp-Kun pain that moment when you're sitting at the dinner table, but you forgot to turn off the servants on qooapp and have it max volume. Read Note
Simp-Kun Honey, where is my wallet?
Simp-Kun I got a new phone, so to celebrate, here is a HDR picture of my crusty a$$ keyboard! Read Note

Who is the SPICIEST fate stay night character

Expiry Date: 2021-01-05 19:47 Select One Total Votes: 3

  • Saber

  • Rider

  • Rider in casual clothing

  • Caster (with and without hood)

  • Rin

  • Sakura

  • Sakura (Angra Mainyu)

  • Illya (she's 10, just saying)

  • Taiga

Vote Ended
Simp-Kun cursed mems
Simp-Kun pog in the FUCKING chat
Simp-Kun almost there
Simp-Kun hey im back
Simp-Kun wait...
Simp-Kun Hot stuff
Simp-Kun only persona fans will get ths me trying to beat the Snow Queen in Persona psp at level 45 with trash personas and booty equipment on expert Read Note
Simp-Kun #first_love what love? does anime count? Read Note


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