Kurogaga's Notebook
Kurogaga's Notebook(18)
Kurogaga *Using Berserker's Grunts sound effect* #MyRPGClass  Read Note
Kurogaga This anime has similar faces to Qooapp's mascot Qoo-App-kun, is that you? [為什麼]
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Kurogaga Violet Evergarden X Gilbert Bougainvillea Anime: Violet Evergarden
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Kurogaga #Guess_The_Anime 
1. The MC's nickname (or personal name?) inspired by real-life wrestling people
2. Using "Tank! Tank! Tank!" (I mean, tank for the transportation) 
3. Mecha genre. 
4. Adapted from Light Novel, and released this year for anime.
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Kurogaga Tanya, the extraordinaire girl #Anime_Power 
Update: Unfortunately, it will be terminated next year. [大哭]
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Kurogaga Shonen Jump Bingo #ShonenJump_Bingo 
Oh my childhood anime (for Naruto and Bleach).
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Kurogaga Pocky Chino #Pocky_Day_2020 
Well, sounds... uh nevermind [可憐]
I wish I get the Boy one (like Daisuke). But... 
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Kurogaga PUBG Mobile (Japan) X Code Geass Collaborations https://mobile.twitter.com/PUBGMOBILE_JP/status/1324531951861174273
#Code_Geass #PUBG #PUBG_Mobile
Interesting collaborations.. [微笑]
For Indonesian members only:
Menarik kolaborasinya
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Kurogaga FGO "Limited" Bingo #FGO_Bingo 
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Kurogaga Mooncake gifts #Mooncakes Finally Kaguya-sama [開心]
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Kurogaga My box #Mystery_Box LMAO [害羞]
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Kurogaga Among Us #Among_Us Miku as the enemy [無語]
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Kurogaga Isekai wa Bingo Tomo ni #Isekai_Bingo 
Finally I've got bingo (Diagonal and 3rd Horizontal Line) [開心]
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Kurogaga Harem Bingo #Harem_Bingo 
Unlucky didn't get the perfect bingo [難過]
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Kurogaga Dengeki hero / heroine Obviously Rentarou (Black Bullet) for hero, and for heroine, I pick Taiga (Toradora).
Update: Shin and Lena from 86.
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Kurogaga Happy (belated) Nyakko day X3 #Cat_Day 
Source: https://www.zerochan.net/3046745
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Kurogaga #AprilFools2020 
- Black Bullet vs Shuumatsu nani Shitemasu ka (aka SukaSuka): Dawn to The New World, will released on April 20th 1990
- No Game No Life will appear as crossover in Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void tomorrow. 
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Kurogaga #PrayForKyoani  Read Note
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