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PaintOnBrush TCG is too much forced in current patch All these Five star characters, Weapons and Artifact 
only for Hoyo to force a card game in the face of the players
and those tcg lovers who get angry of why players are complaining about a card game?
Genshin didn't start out as a tcg,did it??
if hoyo released the tcg as another game, it wouldn't even live for 2 months 
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PaintOnBrush trash af game of mooneyton
PaintOnBrush rejoice rejoice fellow princonne enjoyers
Cygames have announced the establishment of subsidiaries Cygames America and Cygame Europe
hopefully they save this game and all the others in Global
Read Note Cygames establishes Cygames America, Cygames Europe - Gematsu Cygames has announced the establishment of Cygames America, headquartered in Los Angeles, California; and Cygames Europe, headquartered in London…
PaintOnBrush Prometheus and Hare showcase Read Note Prometheus Sp And Hare New Valks Showcase Honkai Impact 3rd CN Beta 6.6 - YouTube
PaintOnBrush worst account binding system old phone got stolen which had the transfer id and all
fffff u bandai just because of having that shitty account binding system instead of something Simple, Easy and modern
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PaintOnBrush homework the game became a daily tryhard homework for me Read Note
PaintOnBrush Lag,Delay??? am i the only one feeling the delay or same for most? Read Note
PaintOnBrush great game Came here to 7star the game Read Note
PaintOnBrush another victim of netease the developer team for the game probably tried to compete against against other moba and when they couldn't, the ones funding it probably said "yeah whatever, we've earned enough money, forget about the game" and thus another netease game that's dead Read Note
PaintOnBrush Odin developers hardblocking foreign players more than CN games Read Note
PaintOnBrush Rip Global nexon will be releasing this to global
damn you money hungry nexon
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PaintOnBrush I'm here after Netmarble deleted my genuine review on playstore about how they don't care and are here for the quick buck with every game they've made 
same as how Nexon and Netease have done so many times
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