Ecchan's Notebook
Ecchan's Notebook(5)
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Ecchan Favorite of all spirits (Date) Tohka Yatogami:
-Kinako Bread
-Sakura Hairband
Origami Tobecchi:
-100 Flavor Noodles
-Cute Bunny
-Chocolate Milk
-Starry Sky Decoration
Kurumi Tokisaki:
-Fruit Assorted Dish
-Baby Fox
Kotori Itsuka:
-Pudding Cake
-White Ribbon
Miku Izayoi:
-Green Tea Cake
-Romantic Violet
Read Note Spirits | Date A Live: Spirit Pledge Wiki | Fandom There are 7 ranks for the spirits in the game, ranging from B to EX, and each rank require a certain amount of spirit fragments to upgrade to the next rank. You can also use these fragments to "forge" the spirit, if you don't own them yet, and the cost depends on the starting rank of that...
Ecchan Need to remember If you lack storage, just delete some hidden files or homework files ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Read Note
Ecchan Excited I really can't wait to play it, because I already played it but the Chinese version and this game is very good[開心] Read Note
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