Chiser's Notebook
Chiser's Notebook(16)
Chiser Member Wanted! Let's fight together at 22.00 everyday,
after that, whatever you do.. [開心]
Point 30k Up
Come, join in B Guild [怪笑]
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Chiser uppss.. sorry :v finally.. [開心][開心][開心] Read Note
Chiser Best with emulator, I think hmm.. mmo for mobile, not again.
battery drain fast..over heat everywhere [汗顏]
using emu on pc, the best way to farming and leveling..
so, this time.. goodbye RO [微笑]
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Chiser focus on weapons so, in the global version only focus on weapons..
is that true? I'm reading on the web before..
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Chiser oh july.. [汗顏] Read Note
Chiser Bad ending.. done,
after all.. thank u so much sq..
uninstalll... [發怒]
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Chiser after ends! if story end, can I play again with continues status, ability and equip? [為什麼] Read Note
Chiser ohh.. 29th may.. 
my archer already 2,4m attack, but this game.. [可憐]
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Chiser I hope, bandai will make a fun for FTP.. [懵懂] Read Note
Chiser this is, early june..
sinoalice first june..
hmm.. prepare for internal storage [開心]
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Chiser oh ini yah, yg mirip maen dingdong, 1 layar penuh ama peluru [大哭][大哭] Read Note
Chiser Device Incompatible
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Chiser ah.. no english 😔 Read Note
Chiser hmm.. the days come on 2021
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Chiser hmm.. this 2020
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Chiser RPG is first! 😈 Read Note
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