Zaharu's Notebook
Zaharu's Notebook(163)
Zaharu It's always my turn!
Zaharu it might be painted on...
Zaharu Looks nice doesn't it?
Zaharu Love me a nice China
Zaharu Bunny goodness
Zaharu Booba
Zaharu Another Waifu
Zaharu Taken Down? It seems the game was removed from the store...there goes all my progress... Read Note
Zaharu Even More Skins
Zaharu Got Some More Art
Zaharu New Skins and Units Not gonna post them, since other people already did, but they look so good, tempted to actually buy em.  Read Note
Zaharu Updated? Did they fix the gallery crashes and update the summon banner? Last time I played it, there were so many issues. Read Note
Zaharu More art
Zaharu Booba Confirmed
Zaharu Had To Grind For This
Zaharu The Character Designs
Zaharu Found Some More Content
Zaharu Liking The Lobby Customization
Zaharu Content Confirmed Seems you unlock it later in the game Read Note
Zaharu Clickbaited? idk if there is culture later in the game or this is just straight up false ad... Read Note
Zaharu The culture?
Zaharu 3rd 10 pull
Zaharu Haven't got this unit yet
Zaharu Spicy Gacha?
Zaharu I like to dip my "toe" into the gacha every now and then
Zaharu Got her
Zaharu Nani #崩壞星鐵豪禮車票  Read Note
Zaharu Having Issues Reading Chinese? Use google lens on your phone to translate the text, just screenshot it instead of posting it here... Read Note
Zaharu More Event Levels
Zaharu More Plot
Zaharu Sus ties Is it me, or do they look phallic?  Read Note
Zaharu Random Booty
Zaharu Flat Justice?
Zaharu More Event Content
Zaharu New Event Stuff
Zaharu Daily dose of culture
Zaharu The Skin We Deserved
Zaharu More cultured units


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