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toiletpaper my leaf ... i never used leaf since day one i played this game on and off...the curse of casual player Read Note
toiletpaper a month progress its ok i guess [難過] for casual player like me[鬼臉] Read Note
toiletpaper lol they put rhythm minigame ... why not fishing minigame[為什麼] Read Note
toiletpaper after a week of play this is what i got for playing casually  Read Note
toiletpaper why not in luck [大哭][大哭][大哭] Read Note
toiletpaper my cleave acc mark 1.0 so here's how it work ... tomoca will push everyone with her s2 and dmage with s3 that will push our uncle charles but if it kill the enemy it will also push our lord of destruction straze, then Uncle Charles use s3 to push everyone and buff atk them, after that straze come with buff atk to hurt evry tank and healer ... then you hear the approaching ruin[鬼臉][鬼臉] so how's that plan sound( ˙灬˙ ) Read Note
toiletpaper $&#-#!!!!
toiletpaper finally after 12k grind
toiletpaper ehem yes I'll accept it Read Note
toiletpaper jena not jino its not the best combo but I'll take it lol Read Note
toiletpaper how does the save work? i have tried to delete the game just to test the save game work... its stay in your device . but if you wanted to change between devices you need to link it to twitter or line , using code error for me cant input password. Read Note
toiletpaper i was expecting some booba but not this flat[憋屈] Read Note
toiletpaper seriously what... i was angry for not getting tama in summons for 20 pull but they gave me this ... in daily summon ... ok ... I'll take it and forget tama lol. Read Note
toiletpaper the mystery of daily summon its like youtube algorithm Read Note
toiletpaper anybody??
toiletpaper my fav girl band
toiletpaper im ready
toiletpaper combi so... fbi vildred , molester sez , stunning aramintha and uncle charles ... will that be good combo ... any suggestions Read Note
toiletpaper its live ???
toiletpaper some noob need guide should i reroll ??? this is mu first time playing this game Read Note
toiletpaper you can download it now
toiletpaper evangelion
toiletpaper 28 lol [大哭][大哭][大哭] finally they let me play cbt Read Note
toiletpaper soft launch ?? 4th day and only top up 1$ to get Phoebe Read Note
toiletpaper obt is coming
toiletpaper summer is the best
toiletpaper ok
toiletpaper mr.qoo gacha #GAME_GACHA  Read Note
toiletpaper nomnomnom
toiletpaper ...
toiletpaper i found wierd manga [無語] Read Note
toiletpaper this is the only ssr
toiletpaper qoo qoo Shared from QooApp: Read Note
toiletpaper tomorrow june 16 Read Note
toiletpaper play now to get her log in reward Read Note
toiletpaper tomorrow
toiletpaper best skill name ever i was bored and found this 😂 Read Note
toiletpaper june 1 fallout shelter online Read Note
toiletpaper ... ... ... !!! ................................... why my second acc have tier s luck... thank god i didnt sell it...omg Read Note


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