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ryuu another one added to the list Shared from QooApp:https://img.qoo-img.com/file/2022/12/16/a5b39a589599486bbae0cc478d990674.jpg
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ryuu well hello there #QooAppAnnualReport2022
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ryuu another one for my collection Shared from QooApp:https://img.qoo-img.com/file/2022/10/26/74dd3116b71845d8855d61afb44b4fa1.jpg Read Note
ryuu Hmmm #QooAppGacha do be giving them spicy artworks
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ryuu after a long time Pray the gods for free gacha [哇噻][哇噻] Read Note
ryuu Completed!! Finally completed all the Achievement A-Z
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ryuu D4DJ Nier Collab One of the hidden mission is to share a setlist containing 2 Nier:Automata songs Read Note
ryuu welp #SummerPowerScouter 
i guess i am a lvl 1 then
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ryuu Welp i downloaded this game
its fun
tho not the kind that i like
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ryuu Kurumi i will play this game one day Read Note
ryuu hmmm.. no so good pull #QooAppGacha  Read Note
ryuu Shared from QooApp(hehe buay) https://img.qoo-img.com/file/4/0a904f77f14ef4804dc63a434adee213.jpg Read Note
ryuu why it no work..?
ryuu Happy mother's day #MommyVibesCheck 
i cant handle kids much..
but i tried to stop a kid from crying
and i cant shopping
still left to tell a bed-time story
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ryuu シャキン!シャキン! #MyRPGClass  Read Note
ryuu hmmm @-MR-Gaming 
would you look at this...
i guess it worked...
now there is a "proper" source
not completely but its there[怪笑]
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ryuu #HappyEaster2022 
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ryuu is this it? #VernalEquinoxDay 
I did get 10 things but dunno if they are correct..
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ryuu NyaNya #NyaNyaNyaDay 
I dont care about other places but i wont give these seats..
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ryuu Oh?! #YearOfTheTiger2022 
Will I perhaps get some luck in gacha??
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ryuu Third 10x pull Still no new *4... [難過]
But another *3 joined the party [害羞]
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ryuu Ok Just one new *3 
But a Good one [厲害]
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ryuu Not so much of a luck... All *2 and just one *3 that too i already have it Read Note
ryuu I wonder what mine is- #MyHiddenZodiac 
Oh, I am die. Thank you forever!
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ryuu Oh boy #NewYearFantasy 
i will be...
Cosplaying as Saitama in a Landfill
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ryuu #HappyNewYear2022 
Happy New Year to you all!!!
I pray for everyone's good health.
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ryuu What will happen  If i share the Qoo wallpaper from the event?
Shared from QooApp:https://o.qoo-img.com/img.qoo-img.com/note/NZXpDii5t7qyrKLE2QQA1VJMgpQOKBSz.jpg
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ryuu Merry Christmas MrQoo and Team #QooSanta 
I don't particularly want anything...
I am just gonna wish everyone a very Happy Holidays!!!
Here's a small art I tried
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ryuu #2021TopAnimeCharacterAward 
Yuzaki Tsukasa + Tonikaku Kawaii
Best wife
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ryuu what #MyHalloweenCostume 
Head: Demon horns
Outfit: magical girl
Accessory: A spiked club / Pumpkin basket / A scythe (depends on what "birthday last digit" is)
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ryuu Damn I got 4 star Shinobu in first 10 pull 2 times [鬼臉][鬼臉] Read Note
ryuu Assassination Brownie #YummyAnimeTitle 
don't mess with the Brownie
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ryuu who is this? #Tsukimi 
imma go see the moon tonight then
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ryuu Oh boy #MyNewSeat  Read Note
ryuu wow its been 3 years #QooAge_Challenge  Read Note
ryuu #AvatarFrame 
oh i finally got how to change it..
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ryuu #MrQooHBD 
May your wish come true!!!!!!
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ryuu All #Anisong2021 
In my opinion, any J-pop song can be the best anisong.
I Love J-pop in general. 
But if I had to say, LiSA is my favourite singer ever since i watched Angel Beats! in 2017. All the songs she has sung for anime openings and endings are my favourite. Although i have not watched most of the animes, I loved the songs.
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ryuu Since early 2020 #Vtuber_RabbitHole 
2017 - Kizuna Ai
then stopped somehow
it was all going well the suddenly a rabbit came in my recommendation that kicked me and i fell inside this hole
fubuki' scatman shitpost....
then suddenly new recommendation
"i wonder what this 'Vtubers vs ring fit adventure' is all about"
Even though i used to watch Kizuna Ai long back, somehow ii topped watching her...
welp now that i am inside this hole might as well explore this
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