Cheegachu's Notebook
Cheegachu's Notebook(17)
Cheegachu sigh when the game is only focused on gacha and hot girls.
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Cheegachu install error can't install Read Note
Cheegachu this game is pretty great game is in english even though the page said it's korean.
note to dev : shop doesn't work, can't make any purchases
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Cheegachu can't buy in new server can't buy the package in new server, saying this package only can be bought once. wtf? Read Note
Cheegachu why not online??? :( no english also Read Note
Cheegachu upgrading cafe um can someone help? how do I upgrade cafe to rank 3? i can't find any way to get cafe core...  Read Note
Cheegachu honest question so, i can draw a big black deeck and nurture it and use it for battle?? for real????? Read Note
Cheegachu GAMEVIL anything from gamevil is minus for me. they stole my money and never return it. Read Note
Cheegachu i lost my phone with the data, I can't find the english version anymore... i don't know what to do... fck... Read Note
Cheegachu 74 Gb patch??? 74Gb download?? wtf??? game is broken or what?? Read Note
Cheegachu gimme my waifuuuu hurry the f up  Read Note
Cheegachu Need active friend for Weekly Conquest. Add me..
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Cheegachu #Quirk teleportation Read Note
Cheegachu FFS error 1000005. Please don't say the only fix is by uninstalling.. Read Note
Cheegachu question, can anyone tell me is it better to start playing on S1 or S33? Never play this before.. Read Note
Cheegachu 22 August 2019
so am I
still waiting
for this game to start opening
can't find a good reason
can't find hope to believe in
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