Akrom12★'s Notebook
Akrom12★'s Notebook(293)
Akrom12★ 4 Herta Dolls. Did you take their photos?
Almost HSR Players doing this things.
LOL. 😂
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Akrom12★ Genshin Impact Version 4.0 + Redeem Code. Redeem Code.
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Akrom12★ Honkai Star Rail V 1.2 + Reedem Codes Redeem code.
Read Note hsr.hoyoverse.com Honkai: Star Rail official website | May this journey lead us starward
Akrom12★ Expensive thing in Genshin Impact #kettletoro
So, Is my Genshin Account worth $10784,02? 😅
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Akrom12★ SIFAS End of Service. Bye SIFAS.[大哭] Read Note
Akrom12★ Genshin Impact v3,8 + Reedem Code. Redeem code
- 2SR3PY7CA52V
- 6A836GNUA52Z
Valid until 24/06/2023 12:00 AM (UTC-4)
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Akrom12★ YOASOBI (Oshi no Ko) Jp/En/Id Versions. (👍'-')👍
Japanese Version.
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Akrom12★ Version 1.1 + Free Reedem Code. Redeem Code :
- CS75WMP976AK
- 8A6T6LBFQ4D3
- DB7A64BW8LC7
Redeem Code until 28/5/23 12:00 PM (UTC+8).
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Akrom12★ They kill SIFAS Service at 30th June!? I didn't see that coming. more correctly, I was unaware it.[暈][憋屈][大哭]
SIFAS have different Gameplay from SIF. It's more Casual and Enjoyable than SIF (Or I can Say "Family Friendly". \(LoL)/ ). Thanks for "Autoplay" and "Skip Tickets", We can enjoy 3D MV Songs, Easiest gameplay (Autoplay), And we didn't have spend so much time to play it (Skip Tickets). That why love this game than SIF (It more Casual rather than 9 Taps Hell Rythm Game).🤔🧐
I don't think SIF2ML can be replace SIFAS place.🤔
Huh, I bet they doing the right thing! Let's see upcoming SIF2ML Global.[汗顏][發火]
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Akrom12★ Honkai: Star Rail - Space Walk. #PIKASONIC Remix
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Akrom12★ First Time playing HSR + Redeem Code. My first time playing this game. It's look like "Blue Reflection" Game.🤔 The gameplay is simple, Combat system is simple, the stories is Complex, the Graphic is Impressive and the Models is beautiful.🥰 (Just I was expected from Mihoyo).
But, this game have some anoying bugs. Black screen when Rotating your phone, Freeze screen during some Scenes or Event Stories, Error code when launching this Game (I hope next update, Mihoyo Fix those bugs).😮‍💨
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Akrom12★ SIF been Terminated Will be Continue on SIF2ML... Read Note
Akrom12★ Insight Skill Appeals+ M Finally, All Four.🥳 Read Note
Akrom12★ Hololive Horror (PC) Games. #Hololive ERROR.
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Akrom12★ Farming Powerful Insight Skill Just push your self up.💪💪💪👍 Read Note
Akrom12★ Daily Live in Genshin Impact. #Hanabi_Network
Funny Comic Animations about Genshin Impact.😂[開心]
Just Watch it. (っ'-')╮=͟͟͞͞✉️
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Akrom12★ Hangout with Shikanoin Heizou. Hangout with Detective Heizou. Read Note
Akrom12★ Differences Aether and Lumine. Is that true? 🤔
Did you choose the right decision, at first?
Read Note youtube.com did you pick the WRONG TWIN? [Aether vs Lumine] - YouTube differences between Aether and Lumine! they're actually not identical#shorts #genshinimpactshorts #genshinimpactedit #genshinedit #genshinshorts
Akrom12★ Hangout with Shinobu. Hangout with Shinobu. Read Note
Akrom12★ Blossoming Flowers Koplo Remix #TEGRA39 #Hatsune_Miku
#Dangdut_Koplo #Touhou_Project
Even the Blossoming Flowers Will Eventually Scatter -Cover Hatsune Miku- 「TEGRA39 Remix」
For you know. I'm not fans #Dangdut Genre. But this music look good.
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Akrom12★ Kizuna AI the last live 2022. Did you guys remember about the last live (26/02/2022) #Kizuna_AI , before she's indefinite hiatus?
Here the last live video.😢😭
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Akrom12★ PIKASONIC Music 2022. #PIKASONIC music, never disappoint me.
#Melodic_Progressive_House #Chiptune #Drum&Bass #Future_Bass #Happy_Hardcore #Future_Bounce #Future_House #Glitch_Hop #Kawaii_Bass
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Akrom12★ I got Yelan on 1x draw. I got Yelan on first Pull.🥳
Tx Hoyoverse.👍
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Akrom12★ Package size for next update. Me seeing package size for GI version 2.7.[無語] Read Note
Akrom12★ Saiko no Sutoka (PC Games). If you love #Yandere Games. Try this.
#Saiko_no_Sutoka developed by #Habupain using #Unity_Engine (It Still on Developing both Android and Windows version).
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Akrom12★ Klee & Albedo Pictures Klee and Albedo Pitcures on past Event. Read Note
Akrom12★ Update v.2.7 is getting delay. Waiting for next update. 😴 Read Note
Akrom12★ You feat Da-little. #Kenichi_Chiba #Da-little #Diverse_System
#EDM #House #Melodic_Progressive_House
Kenichi Chiba - You feat. Da-little.
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Akrom12★ We're Japanese Goblin Funkot. #Ramakun #Touhou_Project
#Funkot #Funky_Kota #Indonesian_Hardcore
We're Japanese Goblin Funkot Version.
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Akrom12★ Spy x Family OP Funkot version #Rozakkun #Spy_x_Family
#Funkot #Funky_Kota #Indonesian_Hardcore
Spy x Family OP Funkot version. 👍
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Akrom12★ Twitter Campaign Present. Free UR Tickets. Yay.🥳 Read Note
Akrom12★ Genshin Impact Animations. Check this out. (っ'-')╮=͟͟͞͞✉️
Genshin Impact Fan made Animations.
China Dub with English Subtitle.
Note of Windblume.
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Akrom12★ 2,5 Anniversary Free Scouting. Don't forget to login for 9 Free Tickets 10x Scouting. [開心]👍 Read Note
Akrom12★ Hommarju - Warriors #Hommarju #Diverse_System
#EDM #Bigroom #House_Bigroom #Dancehall
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Akrom12★ DJ Noriken - Ground Smash. One of my Favorite EDM Genres, Bigroom Genre.🥰
#DJ_Noriken #Diverse_System
#EDM #Bigroom #House_Bigroom #Dancehall
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Akrom12★ Higehiro. Higehiro OP & ED Funkot Remix, with Legal Anime Link. ✨[厲害]
#Rozakkun #Higehiro 
#Indonesian_Hardcore #Funkot #Funky_Kota
OP Omoide Shiritori.
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