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sachii435 Is there anyone who having the same problem as me? I can't log in into the game, screen went black since yesterday. It's still work yesterday morning tho, what should I do? I haven't link my account either 🥲
sachii435 is this game need a vpn? Read Note
sachii435 how much space that mirishita need for the update? Because, the app can't be installed in my phone. I tried to free up the space in my storage, but still can't install it Read Note
sachii435 I can't update my mirishita, it says "the app not installed." Are anyone know what's going on with this? 😣 Read Note
sachii435 Can anyone tell me, why I can't install the latest ver. of mltd? It say that the app not installed. I already tried many times but it say the same :( Read Note
sachii435 Is anyone know what this mean? Read Note
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