Yikuko's Notebook
Yikuko's Notebook(153)
Yikuko owo
Yikuko 9_9
Yikuko best lilia ♥️♥️
Yikuko emil outfits
Yikuko lol
Yikuko units for super boss ban? what team can i make for ban super boss [大哭] Read Note
Yikuko what team for super boss ban?
Yikuko New Outfit (free) this outfit is free, looks cute on Lilia  Read Note
Yikuko lol
Yikuko is there offline no internet for this game?  Read Note
Yikuko lol
Yikuko [JP] KOF Event achievements Info: GCDatebase Read Note
Yikuko Story Event Mission Info: GCDatebase Read Note
Yikuko [JP] KOF collab Hawk Pass Info: GCDatebase  Read Note
Yikuko good unit
Yikuko Is this worth my gems?
Yikuko Finally hit 50k cp with Camila
Yikuko (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Yikuko wtf i can't be the only one .. have you guys gotten her yet.. 450 gems in deep and nothing..  Read Note
Yikuko No lilia yet ; _ ;
Yikuko New King Vs Pen Team!
Yikuko 546149441 [ JP ] Add for coins
Yikuko (♡ω♡ ) ~♪
Yikuko (。・ω・。)ノ♡
Yikuko Took 6 hours D:
Yikuko [ Fanart of pen team ]
Yikuko | Pendant Event | 1 mill gold to each towns [ 6 ] to get your SSR, SR and R pendants ( ~'ω')~ Read Note
Yikuko New Story Event Info: SDS Disord @✵❇ ✞The Korean Jesus✞❇✵ Read Note
Yikuko omg
Yikuko Free Diane Outfit [哇噻][哇噻] Read Note
Yikuko New Free Ban Outfit [汗顏][汗顏] Read Note
Yikuko Guild [ LV 6 ] Rewards Update
Yikuko Only 1 Day Left [ 2 Free Gems ] Info: SDS Discord @The Korean Jesus Read Note


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