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CatrinaGreene Introduce some cute games.
honkai is the first bishojo game i tried .
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CatrinaGreene I accidentally found the way to change QooApp to dark mode! #Only_works_in_Android_10
1. Setting > About phone >Tap on Build number until it says 'You are now a developer!' 
2. Back to Setting > System > Advanced > Developer Options > toggle Override force-dark 
3. Back to Setting > Display > Theme > tap Dark
Yayy I wish the dark mode of qooapp for so long!! Thanks qooapp!!
Let me know if it works for you too![賣萌]
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CatrinaGreene #LOVE_IT_MOST How dare you!!! Read Note
CatrinaGreene New Look of Qooapp is COOL😍
CatrinaGreene so pretty[色色][色色] that I cant believe its just an R card lolllll Read Note
CatrinaGreene First Gacha and no SSR[大哭] Read Note
CatrinaGreene *For Those Who had Force Close Problem, You Need to Update to the Latest QooApp Version First*
For those who had problem of "invalid apk", I run into the same one when I played "Mass for the Dead", and here is how I solved it:
ATTENTION: It many only work for Xiaomi phone. For other mobile phones, I'm not sure if it works.
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CatrinaGreene [March 22 updated]
ATTENTION: Some Xiaomi devices need to be RESTARTED after the setting being changed, or you might run into force close when you redownload the game!!!
Tips for those who had "invalid apk" problem while you installing: You need to turn off *MIUI Optimization* in the phone settings (works on Mi phone).
CatrinaGreene [Dec 16 Updated]
There is a new warning said "Permission denied (1)" happened to some players with new Xiaomi devices like MI 9 and Redmi 7 even if MIUI optimization has been turned off. The solution is:
1. Make sure that MIUI optimization has been turned off;
2. Restart the phone;
3. Go to [android] - [data] - [com.qooapp.qoohelper] - [files] -[download], then find the apk and install it manually.
* List of phones which might have the problem above:
Mi 9T Pro 
MI 9 
MI 6X 
Redmi Note 7 
Redmi 7A 
Redmi Note 6 Pro 
Redmi 7 
Redmi K20 Pro 
Redmi 5 
Redmi note 8
[March 22 updated]
ATTENTION: Some Xiaomi devices need to be RESTARTED after the setting being changed, or you might run into force close when you redownload the game!!!
Tips for those who had "invalid apk" problem while you installing: You need to turn off *MIUI Optimization* in the phone settings (works on Mi phone).
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I find that every time when DBZ updated, there were many gamers said they can't update in qooapp, but I don't have the problem at all. I accidentally find the answer today: My cousin said he downloaded the apk from another website at the first beginning, but he can't update here. The reason is what you guys downloaded is the MOD APK at first, which is imcompatible with the latest apk in qooapp. The only 2 ways are: 
1. Uninstalling the MOD apk and download the qooapp's apk, where you must lose your data if you didn't memorize your transfer code, but you can update successfully in next versions.
2. Waiting till your MOD apk is updated (Maybe it won't be updated).
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Where did you download DBZ at the first beginning? Can you update it in qooapp?

Expiry Date: 2019-03-31 19:40 Select One Total Votes: 41

  • Downloaded from qooapp, and I can update it

  • Downloaded from qooapp, and I can't update it

  • Downloaded from other websites, and I can update it

  • Downloaded from other websites, and I can't update it

Vote Ended
CatrinaGreene #VALENTINE 
Valentine...? hehehehehe
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CatrinaGreene I'm in!!!
The official twitter just said the sever will open for a while...seize the day bro!!
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CatrinaGreene #Christmas 
AHHHHHHH QOOAPP gave me a CHRISTMAS hat [色色][色色][色色] it suits my avatar SO WELL hahaha
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CatrinaGreene CALM DOWN buddies.
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CatrinaGreene I was stuck in this level. Anyone has solution?  Read Note
CatrinaGreene So many cute cute birds[色色][哇噻] unlock them with worms you get in the game . Read Note
CatrinaGreene How to play:
1. Press the screen to move the egg yolk.
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CatrinaGreene #MONEY 
definitely fate go
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How did you spend Holloween?

Expiry Date: 2018-11-03 19:17 Select One Total Votes: 3

  • Stay with friends in a party

  • Stay with family

  • Stay with myself

  • I'm a ghost

Vote Ended
CatrinaGreene Will it have english version?[為什麼] Read Note

Did you remember what is your first anime you've seen?

Expiry Date: 2018-10-22 15:27 Select One Total Votes: 116

  • Naruto

  • The Prince of Tennis

  • Doreamon

  • Chibi maruko chan

  • Crayon Shin chan

  • Dragon Ball

  • Slam Dunk

  • Sailor Moon

  • Others

Vote Ended
CatrinaGreene [開心][開心][開心] Read Note
CatrinaGreene waiting for so looong..finally it's released!!
The view is quite nice and I love the style!
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CatrinaGreene #Anisong  Read Note
CatrinaGreene #shootme
torturing day ever[大哭]
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CatrinaGreene #allmygames 
all diverse games I am into XDDDD
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CatrinaGreene hi i'm catrina from australia. looking forward to making friends in otaku world! Read Note
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