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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Release Day: Sept 01, 2023! Reminder: Usagi Shima is releasing this Friday!
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Isekai:Slow Life Mobage released just this Aug 15, 2023 but apparently for America's and Europe only.
Read Note play.google.com Isekai:Slow Life - Apps on Google Play Enjoy your slow life in Isekai!
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Soul Tide is a nice contender It didn't get to the list of QooApp's #BestAnimeGames2022 ,
but despite the misfortune of like having rather...cringey translation, I love Soul Tide still for not having the common "rarity discrimination" amongst the characters, among other things.
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Qoo Annual Report 2022 Aww, I expected more. But I don't really know what I'm expecting, too. But here I go. Read Note
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Mahouka Retrousei: Lost Zero Or "The Irregular at Magic High School: Lost Zero".
I'm aware it's already up in this page https://apps.qoo-app.com/en/app/974
and aware that they have ended service last year.
But as I checked their official page, they said they're providing an offline version for it?
Read Note play.google.com 魔法科高校の劣等生 LOST ZERO - Apps on Google Play New magic battle RPG that Square Enix release! !
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Echocalypse (SEA/Global) Odd. The JP made it in here first before the English or SEA (presumably Global from its label) version?
Read Note play.google.com Echocalypse - Apps on Google Play Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Strategy RPG!
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Reminiscing BGMs Well, it happened; Mushoku Tensei: Game has ended service...
Should you wish to listen to its BGMs again, I have them upped over here. It's still WIP.
Read Note www.youtube.com
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Soulworker:RUSH rushing to Service Closure this Oct 6, 2022 Not really rushing, I just felt like the game title and this early service termination is quite coincidental, but anyway...
Soulworker:RUSH has been announced to end its service on Oct.6, 2022. Living for just almost 5 months since its start on May 10. 2022...
Read Note game.naver.com 네이버 게임
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Attempting to get into tl;dr: It's too late.
If you're looking to get into Manasis Refrain just when it's closing (like I do), you're likely to not be able to get in any longer, as they have dropped the game's availability in Japan Playstore since July 11; and this game requires that you have it installed via Playstore. (https://www.gamerbraves.com/manasis-refrain-announces-end-of-service/ )
You *can* start then game and be able to set your own avatar & name, but after that cutscene of the principal, the "download resource failed" message will then keep popping up.
"But I can still see the app in the Playstore!"
No, not in the JP Playstore. The publisher should show up as "Proxima Beta" according to others' screenshots, not "Level Infinite". I don't know why, but it's possible that the alleged incoming English/Global version has taken up the same app ID in the Playstore (com.tencent.manasisrefrain)...which is quite weird.
Oh well. I'll just have my hopes on what's next for the series. (https://twitter.com/INUTAN_STUDIO/status/1536607697625563137?t=XlAe4Ta_zbZBZmRhaTiNXg&s=19 )
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Shades of Brown My favorite color has mostly been Brown or shades of brown ever since. The same can be said for #AnimeHairColor
Me loving chickens, this is heavily based on Native Chickens' cookies&cream kind of light-brown color.
Failing that, and since hairs don't get colored that way, light brown is nice~
Bonus if there's hair-tips highlighting~
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Soul Tide Global Soul Tide has been released for Global!...ish, because apparently some countries (I.e. Thailand) are blocked from access to it. However, the devs allow for downloading it from the likes of QooApp...buf apparently it's not here yet!
Read Note play.google.com Soul Tide - Apps on Google Play A dungeon crawler with turn-based combat.
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Soul Tide JP release date announced!
If we are to follow the testing release of JP's CBT (Jan 18-24, extended to 25) and Global's OBT (Feb 8-14), Global's release date could be around three weeks after JP's. (so around April 12)
Of course, this is just a guess and is not definitive.
Currently, Soul Tide Global is under pre-registration period with no release date announced. As of this posting, we have over 10k pre-registrants, out of the 50k top goal.
Follow their official Twitters to stay informed.
Read Note twitter.com 【公式】ソウルタイド on Twitter: "【リリース日決定!】📢 迷宮探索RPG #ソウルタイド のリリース日は 【2022年3月22日(火)】 に決定しました!🎉 ▼事前登録絶賛受付中!✨ https://t.co/eSLIfNhdzX… "
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter With CBT released somewhat unannounced, first off please don't forget to provide feedback linked in their tweet. (in JP, since this is supposedly for Japan fellows only)
The CBT announcement was posted Jan 10, just a week before the test period started. https://soultide.jp/news/info/20220110/360/
In the page is the link to the CBT registration, along with the agreement/footnote. The following is a rough (mobile) Google Translation of it, for those concerned.
(nothing about restricting screenshots/video sharing here)
※ This CBT is intended for players living in Japan.
※ Please cooperate with the CBT and enquete.
※ Support not provided during CBT.
※ Smooth gameplay may not be possible in CBT.
※ Player data will be deleted after test completion.
※ Some functions cannot be used, and contents could be different from the official release.
※ Paid currency cannot be purchased during CBT.
※ CBT period & game content are subject to change w/o notice.
※ Emergency maint. may be performed during CBT.
※ The recommended operating environment may change during CBT
※ Videos & images posted during CBT may be used for events or marketing.
※ Please refrain from sharing, modifying, or publishing the app's APK.
※ Please refrain from showing the dedicated URL described in the winning email to a third party.
Read Note twitter.com 【公式】ソウルタイド on Twitter: "【CBTアンケート実施のお知らせ】 「#ソウルタイド」クローズドβテストにご参加いただきありがとうございます。 CBTのアンケートにご回答をお願いいたします。 ご回答して頂いた方から抽選で10名様にAmazonギフト券2000円分をプレゼントいたします。 ▼アンケート先 https://t.co/4viZfJ53kK… https://t.co/Er1gL64yJE"
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Soul Tide [JP] Closed Beta Test has started this Jan 17, 12:00 JST!
(runs for a week, until Jan 24, 23:59JST)
Odd though, I don't rember signing up to CBT outside of pre-registering. Anyway, if anyone would like to try it, it's hiddenly available in GooglePlay JP:
(from the official tweet https://twitter.com/SoulTide_JP/status/1482922467114946561 )
Will see if QooApp can gather this one.
Read Note twitter.com 【公式】ソウルタイド on Twitter: "【CBT開催のお知らせ】 「ソウルタイド」クローズドβテスト開始しました! 参加者の方に参加方法などを記載したメールをお送りますので、ご確認ください。 メールが届いていない方は迷惑メールボックスのチェックをお願いします。 ■CBT開催期間 1月17日(月)12:00~1月24日(月)23:59 #ソウルタイド… https://t.co/ZDvJ0tIs9L"
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter QooApp Halloween Costume Event 3-Heterochromia Contact
2-Sexy Mummy
7-Death Note
I'm OK with the first one, but the other two? I'm no killer thooough >3<
Oh well~. #MyHalloweenCostume
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter #PSA
Ohdear, I hope you were able to backup your account or at least have generated a userID-password transfer code, Aruji-sama no minna.
After Oct 28's app update, most if not all of Android devices are unable to startup from the patch download screen; and you're unable to unless you uninstall & reinstall.
Unaware if a simple Clear Cache (does not delete acct.linkage) or a Clear Data (which then deletes your account linkage to your device) would work; I hope I hadn't uninstalled my own so that I can test things, but alas I've already reinstalled.
This just reminded me of the time CN app-updated as well, then locked me out the game due to unlinkage of account from the device...
Word tags: unable to start, unable to login, patch stuck
Read Note twitter.com 最終兵器サード(キィマ) on Twitter: "#アニマエアルケー のAndroid版に関して。 Googleからのアップデートを実施すると、どうやら中国版のパッチがあたるようで、起動ができなくなるようです。 Twitterアカウント連携が行われている方であれば、アプリを一度削除の上、再度DLすることで問題解消される可能性があります。 #アニアル… https://t.co/IG808ORrZI"
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Soul Land[CN] Gacha Sneak Peek If the English/SEA stays with CN rates, they do have the summon rates to boast for.
In addition to that, they have maybe the most forgiving gacha rates & mechanics I've ever seen!
Instead of 10 rolls, the "multi-roll" is 7: 1 roll for 300 gems, 7 for 2000, saving 100 gems.
For guarantee (aka pity) summons, you get an SSR on your 49th summon (or x7 multi-rolls), regardless if you've gotten an SSR through that 49 summons!
No difference between single-roll and multi-roll, I think; I didn't read on it much.
How significant are each of these dupes though, remains to be seen; though what matters the most is that they come home to you at all, I guess.
Again, these are for the CN version via MuMu, but I don't think it would change in EN/SEA. Pictured are the first 2 pages of my units, with just mostly-daily logins & summons (+free summon tickets given throughout) for 5 months...without having progressed on the story much.
Bonus pic for a cute summon.
I hope EN/SEA keeps this. Enjoy Soul Land / Douluo Dalu!
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Content Drought Content Drought atm, don't you think? I've said in my review that I was worried of that since I experienced that in the CN version. Now it's happening on JP, too. Perhaps too early.
I don't know the state of CN version right now. Even the CN Wiki's unmaintained; last major update was last year's collab unit with Kagura Nana. https://wiki.biligame.com/wlqy/%E9%A6%96%E9%A1%B5
Ahh, I miss her. I was able to full-star her on my very last summon, too...
That said, I'm hoping we get her here in JP, but I have the feeling it's a CN-exclusive.
(edit) Ohgahd, CN apparently ended service already, since July 30, 2021! That doesn't bode well for the JP version, doesn't it...
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Toji no Miko, Service End Announcement: October 29, 2021 Sigh... After a different but also katana-related all-female band mobage has announced its service end (Tenka Hyakken -Zan-), Toji no Miko here has announced its Service End period, too. https://twitter.com/tojitomo/status/1420943480663252997 Read Note twitter.com
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Whether you've just started or already playing for awhile, don't forget you can get some freebie gems & stuff with Serial Codes. List in the following link and is frequently updated:
These serial codes usually come from their Twitter feed. They also announce events there, so feel free to follow: https://twitter.com/AkakuroJP
Instructions how to redeem the code in the following link. The page is Japanese, but the shown illustrations are self-explanatory. https://bit.ly/akakuro_code
Read Note gamewith.jp 【アカクロ】シリアルコード一覧と入力方法【アカシッククロニクル】 - ゲームウィズ(GameWith) アカクロ(アカシッククロニクル)のシリアルコードについて説明しています。シリアルコードを入力する手順や報酬の受け取り方をまとめているので、アカクロのシリアルコードを調べている人はこちら!
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Event 『謎ノ無人島』 Data sheet [Updated 2021-06-09] Updated the data spreadsheet.
Note that DEF「防衛篇」has inconsistent Energy Core II 「エネルギーコアII」 drop rate,
compared to DEF(True)「防衛篇・真」.
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Special Release Serial Code Don't forget to apply this serial code on their Twitter's release tweet!
Reward: 500 Jewels
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Discounted Summon Tickets If you're planning on making the most of your Magatamas (the jewels) for purchasing Star Charms (the Summon Tickets), remember that this fellow sells them for 10% less than the default shop! (the first item on this listing)
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Event 『謎ノ無人島』 Data sheet (depracated) (Update: depracated. Please see update in https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/note/1185925 )
Collected data so far, for anyone's reference.
...Oh, it doesn't preview the pic from Twitter. Here:
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Now Is A Good Time To Start/Try Eden Door Mostly because of the free character they'll let you unlock: Ariel 「アリエル」!
Reason being, she's not OP but her skills or companions summon give her DoT. Utilized well, it can keep enemies from the other side at bay & distracted while you're dealing with the other side of a stage.
She's unlockable by logging in for 7 days during this Half-Anniversary Login Event: you'll receive 30 shard pieces of her.
'Has to be right now or tomorrow though, since the login event is only until June 1; 8 days left as of this posting.
If you've just started, remember that you can reroll your first 10 w/o restarting; the game lets you do it in-game! (only up to SR though, as far as I can tell/read)
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Not even a year after its release nor even pre-release announcement,
Wild Girls or Yasei Shoujo is ending its service on May 7, 2021, 10AM JST.
Read Note twitter.com
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Gadlingers Global Release Gadlingers: Creation of the Gods, has been released for Global, though still looks in beta-ish?
By Mitama Games, the same fellows from Ayakashi:Ghost Guild and Otogi: Spirit Agents. The artstyle should look familiar to past players of those.
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter For those having trouble with patching Dolls' Frontline today, you may try these workarounds.
(Semi-crossposted in https://twitter.com/lloyd_dunamis/status/1329831674771738624 )
This'll be the path/directory we'll be working on, for all instances:
[A] For those who hasn't キャッシュクリア/Cache Clear yet:
1) Delete the files named as the following in our working folder:
2) Launch DollFro. When you encounter an error, close the game then repeat to step 1.
[B] For those who have already done キャッシュクリア/Cache Clear or reinstalled the game:
1) Download these: (these are the same URLs of the initial files that the client downloads) 
http://gfjp-cdn.sunborngame.com/android/AndroidAllData_20201105CB6C365A89896FC50CB53DEC24203352.dat (1.01GB)
http://gfjp-cdn.sunborngame.com/android/AndroidAddData_20201105CB6C365A89896FC50CB53DEC24203352.dat (1.4GB)
https://s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/gf1-jpfile-server/umqmSSiCXQ1zuldopbDUGlVCAugrpYDjdFEYTVGoDPEbmVEtmwfQ.txt (661KB)
2) Extract contents of ① to our working folder.
3) Copy ② to the folder.
4) Rename ③ to AndroidResConfigData.txt, then copy to the folder.
5) Launch DollFro; check 全データパック.
It should tell you that it needs to download 1636MB;
Client's progress should start from 80%, download only 168MB, then only extract the 1.4GB from ②.
Afterwards, it should land you straight to the login screen.
If you're having trouble with the extra 168MB download, you can download a collated version of it here: https://bit.ly/333U1BP
After you have extracted ① in the working folder, you can then extract this ManualPatch's contents to the working folder; replace when asked to.
Disclaimer: No warranty provided; provided as is; This was for personal use and it worked for me, but your mileage may vary. Worst case possible, you'd still have to Clear Cache/Uninstall anyway.
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Iron Saga English now released!
Read Note play.google.com Iron Saga - Battle Mechas - Apps on Google Play Coming December 12th ACE commanders, assemble! 500+ Mechas and Pilots, 100,000 possible formations! Diverse game modes, smooth battle experiences and dazzling skills that will mesmerize you without fail! Let your blood boil with passion and experience the non-stop fun! Treat yourself to gameplay like never before in Iron Saga! — PROLOGUE The world was once engulfed in a sea of flames caused by twelve battle mechas, later called the ‘Grand Gods’. Fast forward centuries, and the war is but a legend forgotten by time – it is a memory that humanity can barely recall. But then, the emergence of "Battle Mechs" suddenly jolts the entire world awake. Forces of all manner and kind conspire in the shadows, all eager to lay their hands on this world-destroying technology – and they will rekindle the fires of war among the world’s armies, mercenaries and bounty hunters to get it. Meanwhile, ACE pilots from all over the world are scrambling to assemble. The legend of the Battle Mecha begins now! — UNIQUE CONTROLS: YOUR SKILL MATTERS Maneuver your mechas in real-time with our unique real-time battle system. Control the outcome of the battle at your fingertips! From micro controls to all-out guns blazing, from dodging lethal hits to striking an enemy’s weakness at the right time – every single command counts on the ever-changing battlefield. — OVER 100,000+ POSSIBLE MECHA & PILOT COMBINATIONS Customize your own teams from over 500+ mechas and pilots. Pick from amazing humanoid Mechas and gorgeously-drawn pilots for a battle setup that is yours and yours alone! — MULTIPLE GAME MODES, FRANTIC CORPS CONFLICTS Completed story mode? Check out the Arena, Combat Simulation, Rocket Pack, Amazing Race, Card Games, Corps Conflicts and much more! Keep your blasters locked and loaded for non-stop firefights! — 100+ EPIC PILOTS WITH DIVERSE SKINS Get to know the 100+ Pilots, all unique in personality and dressed to kill. Our unique BGM system ensures an audio-visual feast when you change pilot skins! — PERFECT PRODUCTION TEAM, ICONIC OST & GRAPHICS 100+ distinguished artists and legendary composers bring to you a flurry of artistic perfection for your eyes and ears! Bursting with love for Iron Saga? Don’t hesitate to follow us! Official Website: http://ironsaga.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/IronsagaEN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ironsaga.en Discord: https://discord.gg/bVk4HyV We would love to hear from you! Contact us at en@ironsaga.com Game Duchy Seize the free time
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter I don't know how this got under my radar, but...
Apparently there's English of Witch's Weapon already???
According to the app details, it's been released on Sept 23, 2019. This is for the Asia/Philippines Play Store at least.
I'm not sure if it's already available for other non-JP/KR/CH regions. QooApp may have the ability to see that.
Read Note play.google.com Witch Weapon - Apps on Google Play The price of saving the world is to become a girl? Super-fantasy ♂→♀ RPG: Witch Weapon [Backstory] In the summer of 2037, the world is destroyed by the activation of Substance H. Ren, the only boy who lived, made a wish on the Ross Goblet, wishing that all this were just a dream. With a flash of white light, he found the city back to normal the next morning and himself a girl. Meanwhile, the Ross Goblet disappeared from its site under the watchful eyes of a dozen surveillance devices. After a confusing battle, the young girl gains the magic of witches, and the conspiracy of Substance H among various political forces got underway... [Features] *A fantasy sage with over 300,000 words: Become the savior of the world in the chaotic time. *An aesthetic yuri story: Enjoy your love story with different Witches. *Assemble the most powerful squad: Wipe all enemies out with strategy. *Extraordinary voice acting: It's painful... but you kind of like that, huh? Ren (Voice: Rie Kugimiya) Mariru (Voice: Shizuka Ito) Elluka (Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro) Beth (Voice: Kana Ueda) Astariel (Voice: Mamiko Noto) Sonya (Voice: Satomi Arai) Alice (Voice: Yui Ishikawa) Liliana (Voice: Sumire Uesaka) Rei (Voice: Aya Hirano) [Details] Substance H Substance H, a.k.a. the Divine Touch, is a general term for items and tools that activate supernatural phenomena at certain conditions. They are not bound by any known barriers such as dimension, time, space, or mind. Substance H has long been lurking around. Most of them exist under the cover of daily items and are hard to notice. But once touched by specific activators, they will trigger unknown anomalies. [Seven Years War] As more and more Substance H are discovered, many countries gradually realized their great strategic significance. An arms race over Substance H had begun. In the summer of 2027, World War III broke out as the main zone of Tokyo was destroyed by Substance H, which ended in 2034 with the loss of half of the population and the dissolution of more than 200 countries and governments. This war is also known as Seven Years War. [Academy City] Six of the most advanced organizations in the field of Substance H have formed a peace alliance. The reason for the truce is that each side has a weapon of Substance H, being capable of destroying the world. Under such circumstances, the result is a global standoff. In response to strong anti-war sentiment, the six organizations branded themselves as Academy Cities through political propaganda. [The Ross Goblet] On July 6th, 2037, a group of terrorists broke into a public exhibition of Substance H and unsealed the Ross Goblet. Its curse was unleashed, causing brimstone and fire falling from the sky. The Fifth Academy City was destroyed in the blink of an eye... That was how it should be. However, the causality had been forcibly manipulated by an unknown force as if the catastrophe never happened. The Ross Goblet mysteriously disappeared, and a boy became a girl because of the change of the causality... Follow our Facebook or Discord to get more information! Facebook: https://facebook.com/WitchWeaponEN Discord: https://discord.gg/xJ6xGhz
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Game for addition later once it releases:
Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai ~Oozora no Take-Off Girls~
Pre-registration also still ongoing.
Read Note play.google.com 【事前登録受付中!】荒野のコトブキ飛行隊 大空のテイクオフガールズ! - Apps on Google Play 雇われ用心棒“コトブキ飛行隊”の活躍を描く、TVアニメ『荒野のコトブキ飛行隊』の最新ゲームが登場! 『荒野のコトブキ飛行隊』の世界を存分に楽しむことができる”レシプロ空戦RPG”! ◆空戦◆ レシプロ戦闘機の空戦をスマートフォンで再現! パイロットの台詞が飛び交うバトルを楽しもう! ◆戦闘機◆ 3Dで表現されたレシプロ戦闘機が登場! リアルな戦闘機を自分好みにカスタマイズしよう! ◆キャラクター◆ 『荒野のコトブキ飛行隊』のキャラクターが登場! ゲームならではの会話劇でストーリーも楽しめる! 【動作環境、その他お問い合わせ】 https://bnfaq.channel.or.jp/contact/faq_list/1945 ※このアプリは、必ず上記リンク先に記載の動作環境でご利用ください。 動作環境でご利用の場合も、お客様のご利用状況やご利用機種特有の要因により、 本サービスが正常に動作しないことがあります。 本アプリケーションは、権利者の正式な許諾を得て配信しています。 ©荒野のコトブキ飛行隊製作委員会 ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter HAGANE Girl's Tank War
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter カコタマ (KakoTama)(1) is announced to end its service at 15:00 JST, November 1, 2018.(2)
As gratitude to the players, they have provided us with a playable, completely offline version of the game!
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Lloyd Dunamis Game Hunter Hacker Girl, an offline, short simple clicker incremental game.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zzam.HackerG (KR only)
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