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MasktheSaito Stats Explained 2 Regarding SHIELDS.
Your element > Enemy Shield
Fire > Ice
Water > Fire 
Ice > Electro
Electro > Water
Claymore/Fire+Electro(explosion) > Rock
Use Wind to Spread Damage
Theres no Mobs with Wind shield (for now). 
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MasktheSaito Achievement achieved
MasktheSaito Echoes on genshin Forge Cresent Pike for it give %atk as bonus damage per hit, just like granblue echoes Read Note
MasktheSaito stats explained anyone who still confused
PHYSICAL is for physical damage
ATTACK affect both physical and elemental damage
ELEMENTAL MASTERY affect faster melting enemies shield, not damage.
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MasktheSaito me on the right
MasktheSaito stats n skill
MasktheSaito summer reward gbf vs fate/go
MasktheSaito anybody know the song title at main menu?
need jp dub soon tbqh desu
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MasktheSaito meg!! no! when you play grubble for 6 years already  Read Note
MasktheSaito fukc/marry/kill/build for bbc
MasktheSaito bbbraaaaaaaaap
MasktheSaito gonna sin these sinful nuns its the will of the goddess Read Note
MasktheSaito jobs so far
MasktheSaito despair 3% rates...  Read Note
MasktheSaito oh no
MasktheSaito how's your recruitment tags today, fellow African doctor?  Read Note
MasktheSaito wtf, black screen
vpn doest help
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MasktheSaito my favorite banner
MasktheSaito when your sanity reached - 1
MasktheSaito im@s collab without voice?
MasktheSaito almost every second hot garbage
wasting my storage space
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MasktheSaito waiting is over? nope
server shitting itself coming right up
sasuga gooks
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MasktheSaito doctah, heres your melantha JUST.. GIVE... ME.. 
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MasktheSaito zero sanity soo, for the efficiency
1. spam map OF7 to farm obsidian till 2400, the rest of milestone will be completed by event dailies
2. then spam map OF8 to farm ticket
3. use ticket to OF-F4 for tokens
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MasktheSaito quick, hide your loli folder Read Note
MasktheSaito W is for WINCEST?? #Arknights Read Note
MasktheSaito ditch nian for f2p bros.. 
save for W, i REPEAT save for W
theres spark system like in granblue fantasy exclusive for limited banner
you have been warned
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MasktheSaito i dont know about tier list nor i care about it
i dic pick everytime
>tfw first skill is "mating call" 
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MasktheSaito reroll fags do your best ah it seems you can just clear app data to wipe rolled data
neat, no need to reinstall
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MasktheSaito barely *click* passable *click* Read Note
MasktheSaito let me say this once and for all :
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MasktheSaito nice
it comes with story mission and voice acting
i wish durango was more like this
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MasktheSaito note to self
use super mukku for last batch 
unlucky and rolled ssr limit in 3 pull
now i cant spark vicky
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MasktheSaito #LOVE_IT_MOST
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MasktheSaito you all clearly missed the best #Masks user (final boss) out there Read Note
MasktheSaito lmao this is just alchemist code with ff brand
well, at least its not chibi
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MasktheSaito #Spring is time for school, so. .  Read Note


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