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herdia Drop new revan weapon from desporia
herdia #NeverPauseAnime  Read Note
herdia Jin Hayato #2021TopAnimeCharacterAward  Read Note
herdia Muteking!!! Muteking is back,I remember watching Muteking 1980 version on spacetoon every afternoon and shock they announce new Muteking with some cool jam Read Note
herdia Happy person order kids meal
herdia #Anisong2021 
Old or New Anisongs are the best I almost like Mecha Openings
Read Note
herdia Fumetsu No Anata 12 Thank you for become good brother to Fushi,Gugu Read Note
herdia Ichika and Itsuki Summer Combo
herdia Nakano Sisters 4th Time Collab
herdia To Your Eternity Episode 10 Fushi Now have a great family,4 years later after his battle with"Knockers" he now improve his cooking skills and others also Gugu become macho Read Note
herdia Summer Bride
herdia https://twitter.com/ikki_eb/status/1342021227183947778 Read Note twitter.com
herdia https://twitter.com/sakura_kakumei/status/1338506845447544837?s=19 Read Note twitter.com
herdia https://twitter.com/priconne_redive/status/1329717176668889090 Read Note twitter.com
herdia https://twitter.com/priconne_redive/status/1325634245679697920 Read Note twitter.com
herdia https://twitter.com/priconne_redive/status/1324592374077517824 Read Note twitter.com
herdia https://mobile.twitter.com/priconne_redive/status/1316317888278536192/photo/1 Read Note mobile.twitter.com
herdia https://twitter.com/priconne_redive/status/1299995593008324609 Read Note twitter.com
herdia https://twitter.com/ikki_eb/status/1285399272054120448 Read Note twitter.com
herdia DXD Vivid 2 characters preview https://youtu.be/T4naQ2PKPUE Read Note youtu.be
herdia https://ikkieb-news.blogspot.com/2020/07/blog-post_19.html Read Note
herdia https://twitter.com/ikki_eb/status/1282148445319397376 Read Note twitter.com
herdia https://mobile.twitter.com/ikki_eb/status/1281394108892762112 Read Note mobile.twitter.com
herdia https://twitter.com/ikki_eb/status/1281378432455069697 Read Note twitter.com
herdia https://mobile.twitter.com/sega_idola/status/1275263558658424838 Read Note mobile.twitter.com
herdia https://twitter.com/raita_z/status/1209774609597444097 Read Note twitter.com
herdia #GAME_OF_MAY 
I think Venus Vivid Eleven cause so much event every week,luxury bonus and sometimes they will do collab with anime or other games
Read Note
herdia Little Note for those who want get last material ascension for Nagao Kagetora AKA Uesugi Kenshin,VS mecha Nobu on cave stage you need to survive until 7 turn to break their defense Read Note
herdia https://twitter.com/fgoproject/status/1256782285438771200 Read Note twitter.com
herdia #Anime_Girl_Band 
Perhaps Fire Bomber Band from Macross 7
Read Note


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