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AtelierNoonie thought I'd share some of my illustrations here. more can be found on Twitter @/Harugisama and on pixiv Read Note
AtelierNoonie chisa is just too cute!!!❤️ i wanted to reroll till got chisa a starter.  Read Note
AtelierNoonie Manager ID and Invite code: add me (updated) MANAGER ID: WMYQFV26
Invite code: B3YU5L6V
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AtelierNoonie it's hereeeeeee!!!❤️❤️❤️
AtelierNoonie done #QooAppGacha  Read Note
AtelierNoonie 1.0.12 is out! please update!
this is the Collab update so be prepared [怪笑]
Read Note BLUE REFLECTION SUN_燦 - Google Drive
AtelierNoonie FIRST COLLABORATION #ブルリフS × #ブルリフT
Announcement of PU confirmed ticket
From 5/31 (Wed.)
We hold a ticket gacha where one of the PU targets can be obtained by [confirmation]!
▼ PU target
3 Aio [Unique Valkyria]
★ 3 Aio [favorite blazer]
UR Aio [ancient wound] UR Aio [Invitation to Idleness]
SR Aio [Both part]
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AtelierNoonie not bad! tho i wish it was physical for my Kanna..
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AtelierNoonie update 1.0.11 is out! please update! Read Note BLUE REFLECTION SUN_燦 - Google Drive
AtelierNoonie best girl came home! my gaming experience is at it's peak! 
sadly had swapped out Asta for her.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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AtelierNoonie 1.0.10 is out, please update (updated)
okay the actually apk is up 👍
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AtelierNoonie Mamako Oosuki clearly #MrsILoveU  Read Note
AtelierNoonie 1.0.9 is out please update Read Note BLUE REFLECTION SUN_燦 - Google Drive
AtelierNoonie on my only free 10 pull
AtelierNoonie add if you like finally unlocked friends list
also I'm on the Asia server.
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AtelierNoonie #HSRCLContest 
👍 all in goood fun!
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AtelierNoonie I love how Asta smash boxes! ❤️
AtelierNoonie okay now I'm set somehow the game prefer making Alesia as front but i now have my two favorite buddies in my party. 🥹 Read Note
AtelierNoonie also this legendary wisdom. #FunnyWisdom  Read Note
AtelierNoonie done!!
also i messed alot of times giving alesia fragments and upgrading her. so im not done upgrading her like i should be! pain... 🥺
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AtelierNoonie 1.0.8 is up (place on drive) Read Note
AtelierNoonie golden week is going to be golden! i wanted this but didn't want to roll for it. lol
but golden week free 10 blessed me.
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AtelierNoonie i had to.. :) I really like this game before they tried to censor it. since it shut down and i really love the characters and there design, i bought all the supposed it only figures they have of the series. super cute!
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AtelierNoonie holy sh*t duel master still exist. 😯😯😯😯😯 Read Note
AtelierNoonie wasn't what I came for but I'll take it! but in all seriousness I actually like Alesia, so it's a win in my book!
btw this is from bunny kanna's gacha.
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AtelierNoonie so apparently i learned... past flags are still in the game. I sat with the idea that they limited like the characters. 
i need too to finish shiho tan!
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AtelierNoonie 1.0.7 is out please update!
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AtelierNoonie i have got room on my friendlist (global server) i play daily and if I'm offline 1~3 days it's due to work.  Read Note
AtelierNoonie preregistration is open
and not by boltrend
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AtelierNoonie 1.0.6 is out so if the game doesn't let you login then please update. (incase you get a popup)
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AtelierNoonie my current party!! i feel like ive been thru hell to get to this point.
i added my profile incase anyone wants to follow me. 
(my list of who im following is full buttt i check here and there for people had not played in awhile and remove them move them so i can follow more active players) 👍
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AtelierNoonie a little late i got her! on pc.
tho i had to spend 100$ to get her to pity.
(btww i got her before pity but i still pitied for her so i could get her to 4⭐)
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AtelierNoonie they wasn't kidding crunchyroll is really pulling the i wanna be like aniplex senpai... huh? Read Note
AtelierNoonie i love seriously this game... please Read case 3... i won't say more...
if you know, you know. do it for nanaka!
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AtelierNoonie did anyone figure out how to limit break weapons because it seems to me there is parts of the game that game doesn't explain properly  Read Note
AtelierNoonie pity here i come 🥲
AtelierNoonie mirai is pretty sus #QooPointsBulletin  Read Note
AtelierNoonie the game is not region locked the game has been updated and you need a new apk
here a alternativeapk to download until qooapp 
fix things.
and to qooapp please fix the apk because no one is able to download or update the game...
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AtelierNoonie finally I can play. only because I have a new phone 😅 Read Note


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