Miserie's Notebook
Miserie's Notebook(10)
Miserie Not sure why I'm having problems with the sound?? there's literally no music. Checked both in game setting and phone everything is fine, not sure what the problem is at all [大哭] Read Note
Miserie Game: 命运歌姬
link: https://www.taptap.com/app/85497
Currently it's in Beta, but hoping Qooapp put this game up once it's officially released. Read Note
Miserie HYPE ! (6DEC)
https://mmoculture.com/2018/10/blade-soul-revolution-netmarble-announces-korean-launch-date-for-new-mobile-mmorpg/ Read Note
Miserie Dragalia Lost (ENG) Read Note
Miserie Kingdom of Hero.
status: CBT Read Note
Miserie Caravan Story (TW)
link: https://caravan-stories.com.tw Read Note
Miserie Jade Dynasty
link: https://jadedynasty.101xp.com/en/ Read Note
Miserie Can we have a Chinese version of "Sapphire Sphere" AKA "苍蓝境界"
(Altho there is already a JP and KR version here).
link: http://cl.chineseall.com/Mobile/Index2 Read Note
Miserie 吟游战记
link to homepage: http://www.yysaga.com/Mobile/Index/index.html

最终王冠 [The Last Crown] Read Note
Miserie Alchemia Story [EN]
Mitrasphere [JP]

[Edit: These games are in Qooapp.] Read Note


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