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AmaiYume This one is free [開心]

選擇愛情 Stories
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AmaiYume To begin the story, click the upper button (screenshot 1 & 2) then press OK. Choose the country you want to enter and press start.

There are 4 countries to choose from..
East: 楻(Wong)
Northland: 艾格尼萨(Agnesa)
Westland: 弗尔萨瑞斯(Fersares)
Southern: 塔帕兹(Tarpaz)

To find out more about which character is in which country, go here and scroll down to see character images and info. (Use Google Translate to translate the page~ like I have done. Screenshot 3)时之歌Project

I found where some characters are in which country.. labeled them with E, W, N, S. (Screenshot 4)

I only used Google Translate so I might be wrong. Please do let me know if you find a fault. [可憐]

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AmaiYume In case you have trouble registering..

Go to to make an account there.

• First select your country and enter your phone number. Then press the pink button next to it to receive a text.

• Type the code there below your number.

• Enter a password then press the pink button to register.

• Once you made the account, your account name/ID will appear as something like this:
123456789012_bili. Copy this.

• Now open your game and paste your acc ID and password to login.

Done! Enjoy the game! [開心]
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AmaiYume Finally working for me.. this is what I got. Good start, I think. (›´▽`‹ ) Read Note
AmaiYume Well.. it looked fun. [可憐]
The graphics is really nice, though [大哭] the voice acting are great and funny to listen to like in RWBY. But the gameplay is very disappointing [憋屈][大哭] Read Note
AmaiYume beautiful bgs (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚♡ Read Note
AmaiYume ひさしぶり だ なあ。。♡。゚(TヮT)゚。ヾ(´ε`ヾ) Read Note
AmaiYume Name: Noblesse M Global

This is the English ver. Please add. [大哭]
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AmaiYume Name: 구운몽 M (Goowoonmong M) Read Note
AmaiYume Here's a chart to help understand the characters. Thanks Yufi Aim for providing it! ♡ Read Note


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