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Kiikun Nikimayo Day off #ES2_FAContest #Qooapp Wouldn't they they have a nice time where Niki cooks for Mayoi and Mayoi would be impressed, rest is not always sleeping right~ (❁´◡`❁) Read Note
OtaQoo 78970501 Hajime Shino <3 #ES2_FAContest #QooApp Read Note
lltsfo Mayoi Ayase💜 My entry for the contest🍵👀 #ES2_FAContest #QooApp #enstars #あんスタ [鬼臉] Read Note
xion ❄️ >< this is my submission to the ensamble stars contest hajime x rabbits sleeping ⭐️ #ES2_FAContest #QooApp #S2 #EnsambleStars  Read Note
Bluxy Shumika at the park! <3 #ES2_FAContest #QooApp  Read Note
Cai #ES2_FAContest #Qooapp
hiikoha because i like them a normal amount 
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Amaryllish mayoi comfort zone #ES2_FAContest #QooApp Read Note
CaramellParfait He's tired after the Halloween event! (ft. the halloween dogs + ball koga jumpscare) (twt : @CaramellParfait )
#ES2_FAContest #QooApp
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PandaGyoza "Why don't we go out for a walk around the town, tanpopo-chan ~★"
#ES2_FAContest #QooApp 
( twitter: @PandaGyoza | insta: @panda_gyoza )
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🗝️ niki hehe #ES2_FAContest #QooApp Read Note
RamuneCandy nekoneko #ES2_FAContest #QooApp
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Starz 1121 Knights after practice ft Lil Mr Qoo "Shhh! The boys are sleeping![開心]"
#ES2_FAContest #QooApp 
(twitter: @x112maox)
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unrivaledmeteoranger just a happy little guy veggie boy oh veggie boy #ES2_FAContest #QooApp Read Note
peacj. After a long day of work Shh~ he's resting for the first time this week
#ES2_FAContest #QooApp
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Dangooo🍡 Hokuto Hidaka finder girl fanart #ES2_FAContest #Qooapp Read Note
Rose_132 my oshi resting!!! my oshi resting with me #QooApp #ES2_FAContest 
#qooapp #ensemble_stars #arashi_narukami
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鼠尾蛆 All April Fools Bad Ends #QooApp #Events #AprilFools
All bad endings for the QooApp April Fool minigame!
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鼠尾蛆 I'm bored, ask me a question #Qooapp #Game
Any question will do, just type it in the comments [開心]
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Benjamin Scott Thank U QooApp for Listening? About a year ago, I made a post about an idea that I had regarding the gacha system here on qooapp, mainly dealing with the useless dupes that we get everytime we pull from the gacha banners. Read Note
QooApp News The 15 Best Anime Mobile Games in 2022 2022 is over, and it's time to look back at some of the best anime mobile games that came out that year. With so many released, here are 15 games that deserve some recognition!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com The 15 Best Anime Mobile Games in 2022 - QooApp News 2022's over, and to look back, we're taking a look at the 15 Best Anime Mobile Games in 2022 that has a pretty notable release, and you should give a try!
Segumi 2022 What a Qoo [Report] My Year End Annual Report... Read Note
Yuki In 2022 I played a lot Touhou! ❀ In this year, I did in touhou project ↴
✦ 1cc touhou 7 and 8
✦ I passed touhou in normal mode: 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18
✦ I passed touhou 7 in lunatic mode

↬ And now, I'm in focus before the year ends, I want 1cc in touhou 6, pass extra mode in touhou 7 and pass in normal mode touhou 10.
↬ Touhou 10 is very difficult because this game use a mechanic that If you die you will restart your entire stage. It's a mechanic for you learn all the stages in this game, so you need to learn the stages for you pass in touhou 10, this game forces you to make 1CC and It's very challenger.
✮ I love touhou so much and my favorite touhou is 7 ✮
↳ Why 7? I want to do a blog here about why touhou 7 is my favorite game. I have several reasons, I hope you guys like it! 
(touhou luna nights is my favorite but If was made by zun it's touhou 7) 
↳ I would like to do a blog about touhou luna nights but I prefer to write about touhou 6 and 7 first because It's a game you need understand and play before the touhou luna nights. Touhou luna nights is a very good game made by fans but If you play the touhou made by Zun you won't be disappointed!
Idk who will read it but if you are reading it, thank you lol
 ❀ okay, see you next blog! (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠) ❀
❀ My touhou prints:
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鼠尾蛆 I got the SSR :) #鼠尾蛆GachaLuck #QooAppGacha #QooApp Read Note
Eden Gacha how did I have so many tickets 
Read Note
 #HalloweenCostume #QooAppGacha #Gacha #QooApp #daystreak 
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MOKzZ GAMING Tower of Fantasy: Daily Highlights of Things to Do Every Day !
00:20 -7 days check in.
00:40- Mi-a’s Kitchen.
01:02- Daily Bounties.
01:19- Stamina Consumption.
01:43- Ability Training Challenge.
02:09- Crew Donations. 
02:27- challenge claw machine.
02:42- earn support points. 
03:01- Hopkins Mystery Box.
03:15- Daily Resupply. 
#gacha #gachagames #qooapp #toweroffantasy #tof
Read Note youtu.be Tower of Fantasy: Daily Highlights of Things to Do Every Day ! - YouTube Hello,This video offers a wide range of activities to accomplish so that our character can progress in Tower of Fantasy. In order to guide you a little, you ...
鼠尾蛆 Art by MEGA on pixiv #Art #Anime #Cute #Fanart #Game #QooApp #Pixiv
Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/17555897
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鼠尾蛆 Art by MEGA on Pixiv #Art #Game #Fanart #Anime #Cute #Pixiv #QooApp
Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/17555897
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鼠尾蛆 Art by 猫尾熏草 on pixiv #Art #Game #Anime #Fanart #Qooapp #Pixiv
Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/86161498
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鼠尾蛆 Art by 猫尾熏草 on pixiv #Art #Anime #Game #Pixiv #QooApp #Fanart
Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/86161498
Read Note
鼠尾蛆 Art by 猫尾熏草 on pixiv #Art #Game #Anime #Pixiv #Fanart #QooApp
Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/86161498/request
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