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QooApp News NetEase Announces T-Minus Zero Entertainment Game Studio led by Bioware and Bethesda Veterans T-Minus Zero Entertainment is NetEase's new first-party studio, with its 1st game set to be a new 3rd-person online multiplayer action game.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com NetEase Announces T-Minus Zero Entertainment Game Studio led by Bioware and Bethesda Veterans - QooApp News NetEase has founded a new 1st party AAA Development Studio led by studio veterans who have worked at Bioware and Bethesda called T-Minus Zero Entertainment.
QooApp News NetEase Acquires Skybox Labs NetEase recently acquired Canadian studio SkyBox Labs, its latest projects including Halo Infinite, Minecraft, Fallout 76, and more.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com NetEase Acquires Skybox Labs - QooApp News NetEase recently acquired SkyBox Labs, a canadian game development studio that worked on projects like Halo Infinite, Minecraft, Age of Empires, and more.
QooApp News NetEase Unveils New Open World MMORPG, Ashfall With Composer Hans Zimme A team of Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazarro, and Inon Zur is working on the music for a world torn asunder by nuclear war, featuring Asian Elements.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com NetEase Unveils New Mobile MMORPG Ashfall, With Composer Hans Zimmer - QooApp News Netease announced Ashfall, an open world, post apocalyptic RPG featuring Asian elements, with music by composers Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazarro, and Inon Zur.
QooApp News NetEase Acquires Quantic Dream, Developer of Detroit: Become Human NetEase Games has acquired Quantic Dream, the studio that creates Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. 
Read Note news.qoo-app.com NetEase Acquires Quantic Dream, Developer of Detroit: Become Human - QooApp News NetEase Games, has acquired French publisher and developer Quantic Dream, which is known to create Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human.
ReviewMobileGames Mission Zero (English) - Beta Gameplay (Android / IOS) Mission Zero (English) by NetEase (ANDROID / IOS / MOBILE GAMES)
Gameplay: https://youtu.be/BcXSvKCPnwk
Mission Zero Game
Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth game featuring blend-in and distinguished gameplay experience. It supports cross-platform play on iOS, android and PC. Players will assume the role of either invader or chaser as a game unfolds between the Sirius and the Mobius. Daring hide & seek, dazzling abilities and equipment combats, nerve-wracking escapes, all of this and more makes Mission Zero an intense experience in cloak-and-dagger operations!
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QooApp News Clover Theater Monster Girl RPG Coming to Mobile in 2022 NetEase's Clover Theater monster girl RPG is coming to mobile in 2022! As the leader of a theatre, the player goes on a performance tour with the kawaii monster girls!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Clover Theater Monster Girl RPG Coming to Mobile in 2022 - QooApp News Clover Theater a monster girl RPG is coming to mobile in 2022. As the leader of a theatre, the player goes on a performance tour with the kawaii monster girls!
AlubisKun Top Contributor Roguelike Game Labyrinth of Luna New PV Released Yesterday Netease released the new promotional video of its latest mobile game "Labyrinth of Luna" at their online press conference NetEase Connect 2021. The game is going to be of roguelike genre with art designs from Japanese artists, and CV from Japanese voice actors. The open beta is around the corner.
#Netease #Roguelike 
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MMORPG.news Eggy Go Gameplay Android, CBT. APK link in the video description. 
previous game name - Eggy Party. Basically similar to Fall Guys. Developed by NetEase.
How to Download and Play Eggy Go on Android (XAPK) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bh4U1hc3K0
Read Note www.youtube.com Eggy Go Gameplay Android / iOS, APK (Eggy Party) - YouTube Eggy Go (Eggy Party) is an action and adventure game that&<a class="topic" target="_blank" href="https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/topic/39;s">#39;s</a> inspired by Fall Guys and brought to us by NetEase. The game brings you fun rounds packed with wa...
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