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Many of you know Hatsune Miku, but she changes her appearance almost every day!

Can you tell which are the real Hatsune Miku?

▶Let's Challenge◀

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Below are the characters' names, go quiz your friends~
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Elly Official QooApp Hatsune Miku changes her appearance too often, sometimes I can’t tell who is Hatsune Miku and who’s not,
Can you select all images below with Hatsune Miku? Take a screenshot and post your result with #IsThisMiku !
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Basil #IsThisMiku  Read Note
- starz - i love N25 miku #IsThisMiku  Read Note
Aki Uhhh #IsThisMiku  Read Note
2DevilliveD EZ #IsThisMiku  Read Note
4jisai #IsThisMiku Read Note
OtaQoo 85675617 #isthismiku did i do it right #isthismiku
i also forgot the duck incase the answer is X
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Cyrillee2011 correct,right😃? #IsThisMiku  Read Note
Matthew Bare yes #IsThisMiku  Read Note
Herbo #IsThisMiku  Read Note
Maximum Anime #IsThisMiku  Read Note
PaxPraocea #IsThisMiku  Read Note
KMRamos Still in April Fool's Fever 🤣 #IsThisMiku #EverythingRandom
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Alex White What da Miku doin #IsThisMiku
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Bakaba 9 I am the only one that goes this right #IsThisMiku  Read Note
thekyuuk Miku we love you #IsThisMiku  Read Note
rayy_ ene is here too lol #IsThisMiku 
been vocaloid fan for a while now so here!
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ill_strawberry #IsThisMiku I'm not really sure if its correct but I tried ✰ Read Note
Unattain Able Mikel #IsThisMiku  Read Note
Maggie #IsThisMiku  Read Note
Happy20202 I hope black rock shooter counts #IsThisMiku  Read Note
カタリナ #IsThisMiku
I am kinde confused for the middle right one, but I think I saw her on a cover of a song. I am not sure, correct me if I am wrong 
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Rin #IsThisMiku  Read Note
WhirrFox #IsThisMiku  Read Note
Kai シ #IsThisMiku  Read Note
hjxsd #IsThisMiku Read Note
mikudayo i know my mikus (i think) #IsThisMiku Read Note
Sylvia #IsThisMiku  Read Note
LisaAnīme #IsThisMiku  Read Note
SakuraSeele #IsThisMiku the top right one is confusing, either its her in the "dilemma" song or some other character. I only know these ones. Read Note
Yakunako #IsThisMiku  Read Note
horse #IsThisMiku  Read Note
I get no women correct answers,prove me wrong #IsThisMiku  Read Note
Sam #IsThisMiku Read Note
ME Yah its not that hard tbh #IsThisMiku  Read Note


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