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JoySamaluagh Go https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8TZXkZGJ4BY#searching
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QooApp News New Horimiya Piece Anime Series Premieres in July Horimiya is getting a new anime adaptation called Horimiya piece, which will bring together the missing pieces from the manga that weren't adapted in the original anime!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com New Horimiya Piece Anime Series Premieres in July - QooApp News The Horimiya anime will finally be filling in its missing pieces, as Horimiya Piece will air in July, animating the chapters missing in the original anime!
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QooApp News “Horimiya” Anime Unveils Official Trailer & January 9 On Air! “Horimiya” anime will premiere on January 9. Check out the official trailer!
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QooApp News “Horimiya” Anime 3rd PV Centers on Student Council Check out the 3rd PV of “Horimiya,” which centers on the three members from the Student Council!
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QooApp News “Horimiya” Anime 2nd PV Previews Ishikawa & Yuki  “Horimiya” anime 2nd PV previews the pair of Ishikawa & Yuki! It is coming in January 2021! 
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QooApp News “Horimiya” Anime Streams 1st PV Centering the Two Protagonists “Horimiya” anime streams the 1st PV that centers on the protagonists Hori and Miyamura. It will premiere in January 2021!
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QooApp News “Horimiya” Romantic Comedy Gets TV anime in January 2021 “Horimiya” romantic comedy is getting a TV anime in January 2021!
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