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SmiLe Tower Of Fantasy [白眼][白眼] #f2p btw Read Note
Bryan Fonseca Araya Best App for watching anime https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=oldmonkeystudio.exanime Read Note play.google.com EXanime - Apps on Google Play Keep you up with new anime releases.
KirariMoroboshi Sayonara, Gurumiku... 🥺 #F2P
I've had so much fun playing Gurumiku, as a form of Ioving D4DJ. The complicated yet exciting rhythmic gameplay, animated character cards, tons of music selections, and everything in this game are what I love. [色色]
Unfortunately, my phone couldn't keep up its performance anymore. It has been constantly lagging due to new features added in the game, making its size bigger than ever. I decided to give away my account to someone else and uninstall Gurumiku.
Before deleting the game, I had taken this screenshot of my collection below.
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QUser54670331 Im gonna REROLL for NEZUKO CV! Reroll with new Yostar acc on Valentines day 💕 #F2P #Imnotwhale Read Note
Are May I got xiao 2 5*. Lucky me. I pull it on 30 times.#F2P #xiao #genshinimpact Read Note
KirariMoroboshi Got a 4☆ card today~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ I used a free silver ticket and this happened [哇噻]
P.S. Haven't thrown gems for gacha since the first day I secured my account ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ
#casual_player #f2p
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InfinityKiyen Try judge how much this account would cost? I'm f2p BTW lol
No trade BTW. 
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Lilian Sondakh Awh, yess! Im so lucky, Gil saved me 3 times in row with his NP, He helps alot 🥺 but then he died of overworks 🤭 ups..
...Not so good with strategies, but glad to pass it without any seals or sq [賣萌]..my King just bash all the first enemies before dying 🥺
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AxelFaiz #FGO_Bingo #F2P Sigh, no bingo ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Read Note
mat seman #FGO_Bingo #f2p if i got that sherlock and iskandar..or scathach and altera...haiz Read Note
blue bell HAIL MY QUEEN! Read Note
jbin4.log có ai đăng nhập đc bằng gg play k ạ ☹
#help #honkai_impact_3 #f2p #error 
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