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HimawariSeki Late night Neir Reincarnation Drawings I really wanna get back to drawing so I have been trying to draw anything that came up and today I was in the mood to draw Filo, specifically Kuro Filo from Neir Reincarnation (I used some refereunces and the chibi was mine)
sorry for the crappy quality 
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merumeru☆ Drawing. Have a look at my old Albedo (Genshin Impact) and HiMERU (Ensemble Stars) drawing. I'm so proud of the HiMERU one, for me, it's a masterpiece.  Read Note
Haruki mikuto Is it ok to sell🤔??? #drawing #scenery  Read Note
Segumi having a sister looks fun "sigh" I wish I have a sister...[難過]
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Segumi Who's your fav artist/illustr- I love the art of this Illustator/Artist, I dont know how to describe it but its just cute[微笑], and Im speechless... Just want to share her art.
Btw who's your favorite Artist/Illustrator, comment down below and share it with me...
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Kagsxv Happy birthday Yuta! yes i can draw 😭
insta & tiktok: @/Kagsxv
#drawing #yutaokkotsu #anime #sketch #jjk #jujutsukaisen #happybirthday [委屈]
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Segumi Nin nin! I did some changes, and now I need to reduce the pile of homework right beside me[大哭] Read Note
Segumi Lumine and Paimon are so cute. Twitter: @Shirona_775 Read Note
Segumi Not satisfied with the hand😓 I ended up, and did it[難過]
[ Edited Artwork ]: https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/note/1536139
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Segumi Should I finish it? Finished Illustration
Edit: https://notes.qoo-app.com/en/note/1534775
#Art #Drawing #FanArt #Segumi
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Should I finish the art?

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Segumi Nyaa~ //NachoNeko\\
Link: https://amashiro.com/
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HimawariSeki Random Drawing! (1) Here is my 2nd account character wearing one of the costumes in Alchemia Story!!! (just added a little amall 🍓 cause why not)
#Drawing #Art #VideoGames #Anime #AnimeGame #Alchemiastory #Alchemia
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Qudsia Tahir A valentines day with fashion enjoy valentines day with fashion
#fashion #illustration #art #drawing #digital
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