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Akbaru Berau-Kaltim Rezero (DMM version) Game Rezero (DMM version)
Great Game.. easy get crystal to gacha..
(link game bellow)..
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Akbaru Berau-Kaltim clash of sky game great game... but
if I'm play in 25+minutes
always crash... transition this game really bad in my phone.... can you make 2d not move in setting....
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Akbaru Berau-Kaltim get many SSR luck and 1UR my luck good as F2P [哇噻].. Read Note
Akbaru Berau-Kaltim New Year Character Konosuba! New year Character Full 4star get! [微笑]
Really Sankyou Nexon[色色]
i not wasted my Quarts only use 4k Quarts[害羞]
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Akbaru Berau-Kaltim New banner Christmas Konosuba! sankyou Nexon! I just get new 4star character in Christmas event! Darkness and Wiz [色色]/
only spent 3k 10x pull!!!
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Akbaru Berau-Kaltim Info From me.. Haloh for everyone like and Follow me.. I stopped uploading and activity in QooApp for now.. I need focus something in real life now.. Really great thanks for like and Follow.. Read Note
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