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Don’t know which Zongzi to eat on Dragon Boat Festival?Come to Elly’s note to find your exclusive Zongzi and get Gacha Tickets!

💐Gacha Tickets & Other Tasks】▶June Limited Tasks◀

💐Participation Period】2023.6.23~6.30 17:59 (GMT+8)

Elly Official QooApp 🐉June Limited Tasks🐉Comment Your Exclusive Zongzi And Get Gacha Tickets! Find your lucky Zongzi below and do remember to share how it tastes![害羞]
Share your Zongzi in the comment and get Gacha Ticket*10!
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Ciscovibes #ZongziDivination Naan and Fried chicken  Read Note
RimuruTempest Toast and Fruits #ZongziDivination  Read Note
Phan Minh Hoàng Gundam fruits #ZongziDivination 0 & 22 Read Note
Ragnarr Lodbrok #ZongziDivination Gundam fruits [開心] Read Note
Maggie #ZongziDivination 0+4 Read Note
Mars Catubig #ZongziDivination Elder Scrolls Slime Read Note
Ariane Felixeva #ZongziDivination 
Fresh seafoods on the fried bread.
Not bad but, I'm not a big fan.
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Rokusho Naan Whipping Cream #ZongziDivination 
6 + 8
Don't know what a Naan is.
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Gabriel Gomez #ZongziDivination elder scrolls fruits  Read Note
Dessert luv #ZongziDivination elder scrolls and custard cream? hmmm Read Note
Kazuki #ZongziDivination 
4 and 9
Coriander and Vibranium 
Read Note
SepthisHaru #ZongziDivination Spondge Cake Fruits... kinda sounds really delicious if I'm honest. Read Note
Sharin Red beans dragon meat #ZongziDivination  Read Note
phan Tai #ZongziDivination Coriander Slime Read Note
Silvers Rayleigh #ZongziDivination Toast Whipping cream  Read Note
Pearl Sea #ZongziDivination Sponge Cake Custard cream? ...sounds normal Read Note
RainWithoutLife #ZongziDivination Red beans Vibtanium... Read Note
rine #ZongziDivination gundam fried chicken sounds actually good for some reason.....  Read Note
Eranelle69 #ZongziDivination 
Gundam Fresh Seafoods
Read Note
MyMainMan #ZongziDivination 
red beans salted egg yolks
Read Note
farnazAliko #ZongziDivination 
Gundam Slime
Read Note
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