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Write a lie and a fact about yourselves in your notes!
Goran Daily #YourLieInApril_Fools 
Im the best gamer in the world (lie)
I have mediocre luck in games (fact)
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Ariane Felixeva I can play unlimited times #YourLieInApril_Fools Read Note
nothing. Can i have 1000 subscribers? #YourLieInApril_Fools  Read Note
Ichi San #YourLieInApril_Fools 
i have a successful career as a youtuber
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Elly Official QooApp #YourLieInApril_Fools
Hi master! I have something to tell you!

I...I love Gilbert!

...Why are you so shocked? Pfff, it’s a joke! 

I will NEVER love stupid Gilbert!

Today is April Fools! Remember?

Write a lie and a fact about yourselves in your notes and everyone else will guess which is the lie!
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