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Hello everyone! Do you like my Hat-Trick? 🐰

I believe an ACG pro like you know it's #YearOfTheRabbit in 2023!

Check out my new task to win 2023 tickets~

New Task

▶︎ Comment your favorite rabbit character with the hashtag #YearOfTheRabbit

▶︎ 50 Gacha Tickets
▶︎▶︎⚠️ 5 otaQoos will win 2023 Gacha Tickets ⚠️◀︎◀︎

Event Period
▶︎ 〜2/2 15:59 UTC+8 / 07:59 UTC / 01:59 CST

>>>> Portal to claim your rewards <<<<

Mr. Qoo Official QooApp 2023 Gacha Tickets Winners Hello otaQoos, #YearOfTheRabbit Gacha giveaway event is over!
Thanks for sharing your favorite 🐰 characters and here I'm going to announce our lucky winners!
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Mr. Qoo Official QooApp 【Event Over!】🐰 Win 2023 Gacha Tickets Hello everyone!
I learned a Hat-trick - Look! Rabbit in a Hat! [微笑]
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Basil Miruko #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
Joey Chen #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
Suzu #YearOfTheRabbit 
Cure Whip from Precure
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eto lockhart #YearOfTheRabbit 
Read Note
Sunny #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
Alister #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
Saru_Sama #YearOfTheRabbit
🐰Usagi chan🐰
Read Note
Rin_n #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
anti-weeaboo #YearOfTheRabbit 
it's year of the cat here actually
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Grace #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
서나류 Tomo♡ Recently indie-turned vtuber Uzuki Tomoya🌻He's funny, his voice is amazing and his shorts/covers are a banger!! Check him out, you won't regret it ✨ Read Note
KYM rabbit? #YearOfTheRabbit 
i don't have a favourite rabbit for now [委屈]
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Davis Randall Wilson #YearOfTheRabbit Carrot from OP, I guess. Read Note
Dahlia Jessamine Wilde Happy New Year #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
Melissa Carrot from One Piece #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
Nameless #YearOfTheRabbit  Read Note
Rex.Reus #YearOfTheRabbit Looking forward to this year Read Note
Hakoo #YearOfTheRabbit
Shea from Arifureta 
Read Note
tachibana itsuki #YearOfTheRabbit 
hopefully it will be an exciting year
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DSK #YearoftheRabbit Usahara Read Note
鼠尾蛆 🐰 One of my favorite rabbit characters is Usada Pekora from Hololive! #YearOfTheRabbit #Vtuber #UsadaPekora Read Note
HimawariSeki NEW YEAR PICS 🐇🎇🎆🎉 Part 1 IM BACK!!!! and alive!!! Though not completely well but just I feel better (now it's just a cough X3) I'm sorry for the late New Year Pics, I hope you all enjoy it.
also I am genuinely thankful to those who follow me or even just took their time to check my post, both may not be a lot but, for me if someone enjoys it,just want to check something out from the ordinary and me just being able to post what I like, those makes me happy ^v^ Have a good New Year , Take Care of yourselves and make the most out of what you can do! 
I will continue to post what I like and hopefully you and me will continue to have another fun year togehther eheheh now just enjoy the pics ^v^
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