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Legends said couples that marry in June can live happily after, who do you wish to have a wedding with?

Post a note and share the characters you wanna marry, and get Gacha Ticket*10💞

💐Gacha Tickets & Other Tasks】▶June Limited Tasks◀

💐Participation Period】2023.6.2~6.9 15:59 (GMT+8)

Elly Official QooApp 💐June Limited Tasks💐Share Your ACG Partner And Get Gacha Tickets! When watching anime or playing video games, do you find a true love that you wanna marry?[怪笑]
Share he/her by posting a note with #WhoYouWannaMarry , Elly will give you Gacha Ticket*10 as wedding gifts
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EloraDaisy I want marry he. #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
Vamps Lucifer.... 🤭 #WhoYouWannaMarry Read Note
DRL-SAN #WhoYouWannaMarry Ermes Costello 😍 Read Note
Rose he is so cute #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
HAYA #WhoYouWannaMarry
Read Note
KirlianAggavaroHar y'all... #WhoYouWannaMarry 
can anyone send me the link to the tag's note saying that they wanna marry Miguel O'hara? 
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Huaaa17 #WhoYouWannaMarry Shirasu Azusa Read Note
AKIRA ausar #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
tootsss would have been them boys #WhoYouWannaMarry
if bamco didnt shut the fuvk of that sideM game down
Read Note
Alfie Roxas Eris from Cat Planet Cuties (Asobi Ni Iku Yo!) #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
Meg_ai #WhoYouWannaMarry def megumin from konosuba Read Note
Anh Thu Hoang #WhoYouWannaMarry 
Scaramouche, genuinely. I might sound crazy if I start talking about him so I wont say much but like, the moment I first saw him, I felt absolutely inlove. The love I felt for him is way more deep amd intense than any fictional crushes I ever have.
Live, Laugh, Love Scara[開心]
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DianeTheCat I'm ace and panro, so here's my picks. #WhoYouWannaMarry
1) Gin-san, my babygirl, my dummy dumb dum patootie, the one and only Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dumbass to ever, he is objectively the perfect man. 
2) A merciless, manipulative badass girlboss with a slightest touch of kindness in her heart, Roxanna is just too breathtakingly beautiful.
3) I hyperfixated on Chopin from Eternal Sonata *hard* back when i was in middle school, and ngl, even yeats after the hiperfixation stopped, my heart still melts a bit at the sight of that soft smile. 
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Seira these men... #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
Birb Socializing is fun #WhoYouWannaMarry Castoria my beloved
Credit to: genieko
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Lily_34 Rukawa Kaede 🏀✨️ #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
Cristian David Salas Gutiérrez Mein schönes Vögelchen, Kotori Minami!! #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
Syloth Chiyo #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
CatRev hmm Honami #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
Cherry Bungo Stray Dogs i simp for her
Read Note
Dyunn Who'll i Marry? NaWh! Who'll Confess me? YES! 🥴 I wonder who i wanna marry but OFC, I want to be confessed passionately by these 𝐒𝐮𝐚𝐯𝐞 men too! Read Note
TaktItsuki of course #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
Klee !! #WhoYouWannaMarry obviously her Read Note
Luxxuryy BOING BOINGGG ‼️💞 #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
ayya them #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note
ShiningStaria #WhoYouWannaMarry 
Them ❤❤❤❤
Read Note
DandiArmawan #WhoYouWannaMarry Manya-sama. Will you Marry me?
Manya : ofc, not.
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Captain Miller #WhoYouWannaMarry 
Such gorgeus figure. 
Frostnova - Arknights
Read Note
faeruya my bbg real #WhoYouWannaMarry  Read Note


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