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Take a screenshot to see who will be your husbando on White Day!
Elly Official QooApp #White_Day_2020
Tomorrow is the day! The day for girls/boys and their husbandos!
It’s White Day! The day that husbandos return chocolates to their lovers!
I am so excited! Hey! It’s not like I want chocolates from you!
...If you insist on giving one to me, I will consider taking it!
As for the other fellow otaku girls/boys, I have prepared some husbandos for you to spend your White Day with!
Take a screenshot to see who will be your husbando on White Day!
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ShaerMi_Nanaotome #White_Day_2020 Ensemble Stars!^^💖 Read Note
Juan C. #White_Day_2020 
Why not?
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Sakura Tetsuya #White_Day_2020 Hinata-san!? Read Note
°、「C」、☆ #White_Day_2020 looks like the day is gonna get even whiter ( ಠ ͜ʖರೃ) Read Note
_JK- #White_Day_2020 
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Tanmokuki #White_Day_2020 
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DarkzBlaze #White_Day_2020 
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Rinchan #White_Day_2020  Read Note
Cornchip29 #White_Day_2020 ugh todoroki-kun 😍😍😍 Read Note
Pearl Sea #White_Day_2020 The Two I love... and the third I get (who is he?)  Read Note
O-Fire Top Contributor #White_Day_2020 idk who is this guy...
I need to get the sauce before I decide [汗顏]
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TenchiTsuyusa YES PLEASE
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CupcakeBlush #White_Day_2020 idont even knkw who is this Read Note
Misaki☆ #White_Day_2020 Oh my. My King showed up on the 2nd screenshot [賣萌][害羞][鬼臉] Read Note
Ertyder #White_Day_2020 
I got Zenitsu first, .O. (Honestly in the three there that i got, i only watched Hakyuu xd, long time ago, um, i need to get myself an update haha [可憐])
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Jeffrey007 #White_Day_2020 
No homo tho 😂
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ゆかり Editorial #White_Day_2020 
Happy White Day!!!!
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Mir Kuro #White_Day_2020  Read Note
ayumi16 #White_Day_2020 [怪笑] Read Note
Dareimu #White_Day_2020 So, I got a chocolate from a ghost??? Read Note
archio #White_Day_2020 honestly... couldn't have tried for a better result~~ Read Note
RiotWolf #White_Day_2020 Yay I got Rei Sakuma Read Note


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