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If you are given an opportunity to work in the anime & game industry, would you do that?

Elly Official QooApp #WORK Master! Here is a tough question for you.
I know you all love anime and games, but if you are given an opportunity to work in the industry, would you do that?
Before you answer, I am going to give you some background info. 
Last year in Japan, the average annual income of game-related jobs is 3,800,000 yen - roughly 35001.8 USD. And females even earn 500,000 yen less than males. ‘
While in the anime industry, the average annual income is 3,330,000 yen - roughly 30682.62 USD. And rookies earn about 2,000,000 yen less than experienced staff. 
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If you are given an opportunity to work in the anime & game industry, would you do that ?

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LordMidoriNOGA Ferun - Frieren - Stark Cosplay @t_cos_214 @kujoamani #WORK
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LordMidoriNOGA Miwa X Mechamaru Cosplay @yumeyua0314 @fxxky_71 https://x.com/yumeyua0314/status/1732791276687569198?t=0CTCZWSEcjiICTOZY9TPRw&s=09
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LordMidoriNOGA Mococo 🪷😻🪷 Cosplay @lovemomosweet #WORK
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LordMidoriNOGA Zero Two 🍭 Cosplay @Senyamiku0 #WORK
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LordMidoriNOGA Twitter Cosplayer; @suzuran_ro Kiku Hiroi 🍻 https://twitter.com/suzuran_ro/status/1637766896513875973?t=zXQmeWNVCR5s6c1WMQerGg&s=19 Read Note
Teahpink #WORK
Need work from home. 😐[不滿]
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Yuuki Terumi #WORK yup...would be great since that is the place where i can relax myself Read Note
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💫Asuna💫 #WORK  Read Note
rinnasakura #WORK  Read Note
Yuugiri #WORK Why not ??? is there any reason to refuse ??  Read Note
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Hanasaki Miyato! #WORK while waifu in my dream Read Note
Sauce Nougat #WORK No, given the situation of the industry today, I do not have the guts to receive/hear nasty comments from viewers or readers that is criticizing the show.
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ÐᕱᏒ㉿₪қθ #WORK  Read Note
hsaito #WORK ready! Read Note
Ken Sharma #AnimeMeme #work #best
 avatar : now try to bend air !
 opm : ok
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hsaito #WORK  Read Note
anime style #WORK why not Read Note
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Chai Weng Keat #WORK no really... i more like a enjoy type.... if can try game bug... like be fun.  Read Note
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