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Which villagers have you got/do you want in Animal Crossing? Share a screenshot with other otaku!
Elly Official QooApp #Villagers
Please captain! Bring me to the island where Raymond lives!!!
....Uh, it’s a hippo villager again! Come on! At least give me a cat!
I am trying to start a cat cafe on my island okay?! Bakaaa!
Oh hi master! Have you played the latest Animal Crossing game?
Which are your favorite villagers? Which villagers have you got?
Show us a cute screenshot of them in your note!
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Ahmad Abai #Villagers  Read Note
محمود الياسري #Villagers بوبجي
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Aldren simon #Villagers nice
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echowell #Villagers my favorites are Charlise and Snake Read Note
Trisia Trendsetting Wizard #Villagers #AnimalCrossing 
Are the characters you like on this list? (›´ω`‹ )
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Trisia Trendsetting Wizard #Villagers #AnimalCrosssing 
Featuring Punchy (lazy) _(°ω°」 ∠)_
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Velvyx #Villagers #AnimalCrossing 
My favorite villagers are Apollo and Jay 
( *¯ ³¯*)♡
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°、「C」、☆ #Villagers Isabel of course! Read Note
RyeW #Villagers  Read Note
Trisia Trendsetting Wizard #Villagers #AnimalCrossing
Take your pick _(°ω°」 ∠)✨✨
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Doppel Aruru #Villagers  Read Note
Kosaka #Villagers 
I want to say spider, but spider isn't villager. Hence, I can only pick my owl and its friends to show off.
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Trisia Trendsetting Wizard #Villagers #AnimalCrossing
Can I say... All of them? (☆_☆)
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Joot8201 #Villagers  Read Note
Rieyan #Villagers on #ANPC #Villagers 
They're my favourite villagers, cuz so cute and adorable.[開心]
The band boy Tex finally asleep after he was performing his band (Tex-Bam-Jay). /I want to surprisingly him ehehe [怪笑]/
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Mai Top Contributor #Villagers He is my favorite! He is also my beginner villager too!  Read Note
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