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Spring is the season that symbolizes freshness and liveliness in nature. The start of spring, as known as Vernal Equinox, is highly valued in Japanese culture. Many great festive activities and items were created to celebrate this special day in Japan. Are you confident that you can recognize all the spring-related words in the word challenge this week?
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Master! Do you know that it is the beginning of spring on March 21? It is called Vernal Equinox!

In Japan, people celebrate the start of spring to express thanks to nature. It has even become a national holiday!

On this blissful day, there are many gorgeous festive practices and items. Some of which you may be familiar with, but how much do you actually know?

So, there is a challenge for you! In the word puzzle below, can you find out all the spring-related words hidden inside?
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ryuu is this it? #VernalEquinoxDay 
I did get 10 things but dunno if they are correct..
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Basil When think about Spring... #VernalEquinoxDay
Sakura Flower
School Day
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qaz_qwertt #VernalEquinoxDay sakura, blossom, warm , liveliness, spring, springtime, haru,hanami,vernal , mochi  Read Note
OrangeDream✨ found em #VernalEquinoxDay  Read Note
鼠尾蛆 Found all...wait... #VernalEquinoxDay 
#鼠尾蛆ParticipatesInEvents #鼠尾蛆EpicFail
I found all....wait a second....
[-5000 Intelligence]
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KYM that was hard #VernalEquinoxDay  Read Note
Mr.k #VernalEquinoxDay  Read Note
Nova #VernalEquinoxDay  Read Note
WATERLATICE2 Is this is all? #VernalEquinoxDay Read Note
Doppio #VernalEquinoxDay 
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