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Are you planning to actually date someone, or just stick with anime girls/boys this Valentine’s Day? 

Elly Official QooApp #VALENTINE Happy Valentine’s Day!
I heard some of you want to date me...hmm too bad I already have a date on that day. 😘
But still I am curious, how many of you - who are mostly otaku that live in the joy of anime & games - are actually planning to date someone on that day?
If you are not planning to date anyone, what are you going to do? 
Vote now, and let us know the reason in note!
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Valentine's Day: Go on a date or stick with anime girls/boys?

Expiry Date: 2019-02-19 23:59 Select One Total Votes: 2774

  • Go on a date

  • Stick with anime girls/boys

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Lynx Happy Chinese Valentine's! Japanese game fans defo know Tanabata, as a traditional festival on 7/7 writing wishes on scripts of papers hanging on the bamboo, 
usually wearing Yukata 👘
Recent years there are more Chinese games in the market and I believe those who play these games are aware of it bc 
there are game events and FREEBIES!
So yea, we gotta watch out our bank account balance as there are 2 Valentine's 😂
Chinese Valentine's is on 7/7 Lunear Calendar which is different every year, just have to know there's another Valentine's coming in the summer lol
Anyway Happy Chinese Valentine's!
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ザキングオッパイドラゴン β·Mission Exterminator Ganyu Valentine Version Game: Genshin Impact
Character: Ganyu
Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/96199431
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WATERLATICE2 Valentine day like yours? #Valentine day#Anime#meme#anime Read Note
Krebskulm Happy Valentine ❤
*I'm late ( ゚Д゚)σ
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WeeklyHastagMonster #VALENTINE 
adrian and ratu (belle)
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hsaito #VALENTINE  Read Note
Moonouru #VALENTINE 
old love story😢
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HienMinh #VALENTINE  Read Note
Nekosagi #VALENTINE  Read Note
ginjerbread #VALENTINE  Read Note
No one posting this?
Here a True
 golden experience 
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HazamaTerumi #VALENTINE
Who needs a valentine when you have THE SKELETON WAR
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FallenOrigin #VALENTINE sucks ! Read Note
HienMinh #VALENTINE  Read Note
strange☕ #VALENTINE Read Note
Hikaru #VALENTINE  Read Note
nanamishinji #VALENTINE 
everyone is celebrating valentine while I'm here celebrating it with my ×cough× anime ×cough × boyfriend _(:3 」∠ )_
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Shaun Victor #VALENTINE Best Couple?!?! Read Note

Best ship in anime?!?!?!

Expiry Date: 2019-02-16 19:28 Select One Total Votes: 80

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!Yes!Yes!

  • No!No!No!No!No!

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Sebastien Ponton #VALENTINE 2D>3D.  Read Note
CatrinaGreene #VALENTINE 
Valentine...? hehehehehe
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Maya Regina #VALENTINE #granbluefantasy
We are meat slave !! 
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Cheerygirl #VALENTINE Read Note
Eats_Trash #VALENTINE  Read Note
Kazuhito710 #VALENTINE 
Ellie-chan!!! give me chocolate!!!
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Haruka-senpaiii #VALENTINE 
Who needs a real date if we have Anime Boys/Girls [開心](。>﹏<) SENPAIIII !!! [害羞]
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Hanoru Kazegawa #VALENTINE eat a cake with my arjuna  Read Note
Sumethal #VALENTINE Gotcha #NaruBlessing Read Note
rinnasakura #VALENTINE  Read Note
regern #VALENTINE  Read Note
Walpurgis #VALENTINE Sorry otaku... I go on the date [開心] Read Note
totsugaua #VALENTINE 
sung by an anime fan[色色]
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Rivian Cruz #VALENTINE Otaku not date T.T Read Note
herdia #VALENTINE  Read Note
Natsuki Subaru #VALENTINE eu sou meliodas  Read Note
prewade #VALENTINE  Read Note
Sasha Widiatma #VALENTINE What a better give than a chocolate in Valentine day? of course it's your Waifu In CG Form Too! Love you Majin Fina <3 Read Note
mlgxdxdzaza #VALENTINE  Read Note


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