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Do you know you can add the notes you like to the collection now!? Go to Elly’s note to check out how to use it★

Elly Official QooApp 【Tutorial & Event】 Learn How To Add Note Into “My Collection” And Get Gacha Tickets*10! All tickets were sent, thank you for your participation!
Want to read your favorite note again and again? There is a shortcut now!
Follow these steps and try it out by adding this note to your collection to get Gacha Tickets*10![厲害]
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Rin_n #TryOutMyCollection  Read Note
sollux. Thank you QooApp #TryOutMyCollection Thanks for the new feature! It's very useful for people who have lots of notes like me :) Read Note
Rin_n #TryOutMyCollection  Read Note
DianeTheCat Already done, it's not like i have many notes, tho, but I'm saving for the next Bungou Stray Dogs gacha, so i tried the function. #TryOutMyCollection  Read Note
cvandy #TryOutMyCollection uuh, i have no idea what to say, i just want tickets [鬼臉] Read Note
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