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How can you not "Trick or treat" on Halloween!

Trick (🥚 Like this note) to get gacha ticket*50,Leave a [🍬] in the comment to get limited wallpaper! Claim your rewards here

Event Period : 10/28~11/11 16:00 (GMT+8)

Click Here to Attend Other Halloween Limited Missions

Halloween Avatar frame is already sent to you! Click here to change (Available in app only)

Elly Official QooApp 【Halloween Limited】🥚Like🍬Comment to get Wallpaper & Gacha Tickets【~11/11】 Ding Dong🔔Trick or treat!
Give me candy, I give you my Halloween costumeヘ(゚∀゚ヘ)♪
Before 11/11 16:00:
▢ Trick ( 🥚 Like ) : Get [ Gacha Tickets*50 ]
▢ Treat ( Comment [Here is your🍬] ) : Get Halloween Wallpaper
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gamingyas #TrickNCandy 
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CackleCado #TrickNCandy 🍬🍭
Dont Take Random Candy 
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