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Heard you’re an expert in creating avatars? Post a note to show off your Tower of Fantasy avatar images with the hashtag #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge and get the exclusive gift packs

【Portal to event & gift packs details】

Elly Official QooApp 【~2/21】GMT+8 Show off your Tower of Fantasy avatars and get exclusive gift packs ★ Elly’s avatar is amazing, isn’t it?[厲害]
Screenshot your Tower of Fantasy avatars that you’re proud of, show off by posting a note with the hashtag #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge and have a competition between the experts!
Don’t forget your gift packs after showing off! (Gotta finish reading this post to know where to get your gift packs at the bottom) ~
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EverlastingSkyfall #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
Chae Lee #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
Erick Ernest Time to head home... -_-)~zzz #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge 
Going home after 12-hour workshift....
Waiting for train is too long. Hopefully I won't fall asleep on train later.(_ -A-)_
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Gadanta Tama eat , love tof , sleep ,repeat #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
arvi skizzor #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
SM Defri Enjoy ToF #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
Agung Chen 陳慶瑞 For events. Gogogo TOF #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
Arief 888 Here is Mine. #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
mich profit Tower of fantasy #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
Aozsinnn #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
Jhayteeh Santiago my take on this challenge ☺ #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
Yuki Akashiya With mini "Lumine" lol #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
Charlie Tùng #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge 
Happy Half Anniversary Tower of Fantasy!!!
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Jimmy To #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note


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