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QooApp News Tokyo Revengers 1st Mobile Game Now Available for Pre-registration The first Tokyo Revengers mobile game officially opens for pre-registration!In this casual puzzle RPG, players will be able to build their team with the series' popular characters and collect the game's original illustrations!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Tokyo Revengers 1st Mobile Game Now Available for Pre-registration - QooApp News The first Tokyo Revengers mobile game officially opens for pre-registration. In this casual puzzle RPG, players will be able to build their team with the series' popular characters.
QooApp News Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc Debuts in January 2023 Tokyo Revengers unveiled the first key visual and PV for the anime's Christmas Showdown arc. The anime will premiere in January 2023.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc Debuts in January 2023; Masaya Fukunishi Recasted as Draken - QooApp News Tokyo Revengers unveiled the first key visual and PV for the anime's Christmas Showdown arc. The anime will premiere in January 2023.
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today】Stuck In The Same Day Forever! Which Is Your Favorite? There are tons of topics that are popular in anime, friendship, magic etc. But when it comes to the most mysterious, my answer has to be the time loop anime.[厲害]
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Favorite “Time Loop” Anime?

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QooApp News BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab Runs from May 21 BanG Dream! Girls Band Party JP is collaborating with Tokyo Revengers from May 21! Don't miss this chance to get collab card featuring RAISE A SUILEN under Tokyo Revengers' costumes
Read Note news.qoo-app.com BanG Dream! Girls Band Party x Tokyo Revengers Collab Runs from May 21 - QooApp News BanG Dream! Girls Band Party JP is collaborating with Tokyo Revengers from May 21! Don't miss this chance to get collab card featuring RAISE A SUILEN under Tokyo Revengers' costumes!
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today 】These Songs Are Dominating Now!! Come Vote For Your Favorite! One of the best and sad thing for nerd, is old anime replacing by new anime,[委屈]
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Your Favorite Anime Song From The Young Generation?

Expiry Date: 2023-04-19 01:00 Select One

TOPH Genshin Impact Thoma x Toman Tokyo Revengers
@shivaille_ on Twitter
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PhD in Anime 【Share of Today 】Feels Like An Old Boomer?? Go Watch These Anime To Live Young Again!!
Do you guys know if you are becoming a boomer? It’s not that you are getting old, but you refuse to accept or try new things![怪笑] Especially if you think the anime is dead now, you definitely are a boomer! I know there is nothing like the old classics, but there are lots of anime to look forward to now too![厲害]
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Your Favorite Anime From The Young Generation!!

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🐈‍⬛ #tokyorevengers
[鬼臉]love these two brothers < 3[色色]
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QooApp News Elemental Story x Tokyo Revengers Collab Begins on March 12 Elemental Story mobile puzzle RPG is holding a collab event with anime Tokyo Revengers from March 12. Join the campaign to summon up to 30 times for free!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Elemental Story x Tokyo Revengers Collab Begins on March 12 - QooApp News Elemental Story mobile puzzle RPG is holding a collab event with anime Tokyo Revengers from March 12. Join the campaign to summon up to 30 times for free!
🐈‍⬛ #tokyorevengers
the two of them are just so hot[色色]
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PhD in Anime 【Study of Today】Anime Dominated 2021! Here Is The Evidence! I say it with strong confidence, Anime Ruled Japan in 2021![哇噻]
The proof? The top five movies of Japan’s box office are all anime related. Let’s do a quick rewind on the anime movies of last year and vote for your favorite![開心]
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Your Favorite Anime Movies in 2021?

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QooApp News Tokyo Revengers Exhibition Opens From Jan 29 to Feb 14 in Tokyo Tokyo Revengers is holding its first manuscript exhibition from Jan 29 to Feb 4 in Tokyo. A special illustration created by the manga's author Ken Wakui is revealed. 
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Tokyo Revengers Exhibition Opens From Jan 29 to Feb 14 in Tokyo; Special Illustration Revealed! Tokyo Revengers is holding its first manuscript exhibition from Jan 29 to Feb 4 in Tokyo. A special illustration created by the author Ken Wakui is revealed.
QooApp News Tokyo Revengers Gets Anime 2nd Season & Smartphone Game Tokyo Revengers officially announces a second season, which will adapt the Christmas Conflict Arc. A smartphone puzzle game is currently in-development. 
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Tokyo Revengers Gets Anime 2nd Season & Smartphone Game - QooApp Tokyo Revengers officially announces a second season, which will adapt the Christmas Conflict Arc. A smartphone puzzle game is currently in-development.
PhD in Anime 【Share of Today】This Song Beats 炎 (Homura) in 2021!! There are only a few weeks until 2021's end.[大哭]This year not only brings us all sorts of fantastic anime, but also breathtaking songs which help the anime shine. 
Anime!Anime! did a survey on people’s favorite anime song in 2021, let's check the result and see if your favorite anime song of 2021 is on the list!!
Top 3 Anime Songs in 2021!!
 ■3. Eve「廻廻奇譚」 (Kaikai kitan)
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Tengen 4th Waifu Trendsetting Wizard 2021 Manga Sales Ranking! #Oricon released a ranking of the 2021 manga sales! Of course, many of them are from Shounen Jump!
Let's look at the result together!
10. #Haikyuu!!
Sales: 4,345,443 copies
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AlubisKun Top Contributor Baji Birthday #Birthday #Baji #BajiKeisuke #TokyoRevengers
Even though I've expressed my disappointment to Tokyo Revengers anime, there is no denying that there are some awesome characters in the series, like Mikey, Draken, and he who is having the birthday today, Baji Keisuke! As the founding member of Toman and the First Division Captain, he is loyal to the gang and to Mikey. His courage and macho can absolutely affect others in a positive way. And I'm gonna stop talking before I spoil anything [汗顏]...anyways Happy Birthday to Baji! 🎂🎁🎉
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AlubisKun Top Contributor I've Been Trying #TokyoRevengers #Re:zero #Protagonist
Is it just me or does anyone else cannot withstand how a protagonist of an anime is useless...? I'm talking about Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers, and I'll try not to spoil it in case someone wants to watch it. To be honest, I personally don't recommend the series because there are multiple cringy scenarios and illogical plots. People say that manga is much better than anime, and according to a Youtuber's review: "Finish listening to the OP and go read the manga" [無語][無語] I might give it a try if there's free time but now I'm just disappointed.
Takemichi as a 26-year-old "main protagonist" in a shonen manga, all he does is cry and forget what he should do for things not to happen again. What? Are you three years old? That kinda reminds me of Subaru in Re: Zero. I was so pissed watching the series when found out that he was practically useless and weak. They both have that kind of superpower but they're just wasting it.
Or perhaps I'm just an old Boomer-like anime fan who cannot accept out-of-ordinary shonen stories [汗顏][汗顏] I'm not asking them to be like Saitama in One Punch just destroy everything, but can't they grow up just for a little bit?? [發火] The core spirit of shonen manga is watching the characters grow while emphasizing friendship, hard work, and a never-give-up attitude!
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Legrette 🤩❤️✨ #tokyorevengers  Read Note
Legrette Draken❤️✨ #tokyorevengers Read Note
Legrette 🖤✨ #tokyorevengers  Read Note
Legrette BEST TRENDING EVER!! ❤️🔥 #tokyorevengers  Read Note
Its_me_san Meme Lord Gwad damn it i can't unsee it! #AnimeMeme #TokyoRevengers
lol like and follow for more
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Legrette ❤️✨ #tokyorevengers  Read Note
Legrette Mikey🖤✨ #tokyorevengers
(credits to the original artist) 
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PeriDoGaming New Game Play #peridogaming #TokyoRevengers  Read Note
Legrette Hail TOMAN🖤 #TokyoRevengers  Read Note
AlubisKun Top Contributor Sano Manjiro #Anime #Birthday #Yakuza #Mikey #SanoManjiro #TokyoRevengers
Happy birthday to Mikey, the genius of martial arts! As the leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he has always been a strong and unwavering pillar of the gang. I miss how he was an energetic, mischievous kid instead of the indifferent adult version [憋屈] Anyways, the birthday cake is here! 🍰🎂
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ShortcakeShinigami I make anime music videos on Youtube!! Feel free to check them out!! #FruitsBasket #TokyoRevengers #Servamp #BPro #MyHeroAcademia #ThePromisedNeverland #DemonSlayer #BungouStrayDogs #Erased #TokyoGhoul #Amnesia #DiabolikLovers #AngelBeats #Norn9 #Hakuouki #Free! #KoisuruBoukun #BlackButler #YourLieinApril 
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QooApp News “Tokyo Revengers” Anime Reveals 1st PV, Cast and April Premiere  “Tokyo Revengers” anime reveals first PV, cast and main staff! It will premiere in April 2021!
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